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Top 26 Autosys Interview Questions and Answers

Updated Mar 10, 2024

1. What is Autosys?

Autosys is an automated job-controlling tool used for scheduling, monitoring, and reporting jobs. These jobs can be present in any Autosys configured machine and is connected to a network.

2. Which Database is Autosys Jobs Kept?

Autosys jobs can be kept in the Event Server.

3. What is the Command to Check the Status of Job in Autosys?

You can check the status of a particular job using the following command:

autostatus –j job_name

4. How Autosys Works?

The working of Autosys can be understood through its architecture:

  • Remote agent – This is a process that is activated by the event processor to run a task. This task will be run on a remote machine.
  • Event Server – This is the database that contains the job definitions and job events.
  • Event processor – This is used to go through all the events and processes, for processing them.

5.  How to define job in AutoSys?

We can define Autosys jobs using JIL statements. The JIL script contains job attributes like job name, command, machine, scheduling and owner information.

6. What is Inactive Status in Autosys?

Inactive status in Autosys means the state of a job when it is not running.

7. What is Global Variable in Autosys?  

Global variables can be defined using TEST_VARIABLE in another job. The send event -E SET_GLOBAL –G can also be used.

8. What is Autosys Jil?

Autosys JIL (Job Information Language) is used for developing jobs. The Autosys GUI is based on the JIL, that is basically a scripting language. When developing jobs, the attributes and arguments have to be given.

9. What is CA in Autosys?

CA is a workload automation tool used along with Autosys. It is used in large corporations where the jobs are scheduled from a central location to improve automation.

10. What is Erwin Autosys?

Erwin is a data modeling application used to use entity-relationship diagrams to develop database strategies. Erwin Autosys is used for improving data handling and automation.

11. What is SVN and Autosys Tool?

SVN (Subversion) is a version control system used to store code in a centrally located server for easy access. This allows different developers to work together without affecting each other’s code.

12. What is Autosys Scheduling Tool?

The Autosys Job scheduler can be used for creating jobs that can be made through UNIX scripts. It is a tool for scheduling the starting and ending of jobs, with the help of the Event processor.

13. How to Stop or Kill a Process in Autosys?

User can kill a process or job using the following syntax:

send event -E KILLJOB -j <job name>

14. How to Execute Multiple Commands in Autosys?

Multiple commands can be executed in Autosys using shell scripting. Here, inside a text file, all the commands can be included and it can be executed. The file can be saved with the extension.

15. How to Check the Autosys Version? 

You can check the Autosys version using the following command:

"cybAgent -v"

16. How to Refresh Autosys?

17. What does Eventor do in Autosys?

The eventor starts the scheduler in Autosys.

18. What is the Difference Between Dbms_Scheduler and Autosys?

Dbms_Scheduler is a job scheduling tool that was introduced in Oracle 10G. This is used for handling the processing of batch jobs. It is used for creating, executing, removing, monitoring, enabling and altering job attributes.

Autosys is a workload automation tool that does all the tasks dbms_scheduler does, along with better workload deployments, error reduction and handling the processes of the different servers.

19. What Is File Watcher In Autosys?     

A file watcher job is tp starts a process that will check the presence of a particular file in the operating system. It is the same as a command job. When this OS file does not increase in size, the file watcher job executes completely.

20. What Is The Difference Between Ice And Hold In Autosys?

The on_hold command is used to prevent a job from not executing. When an on_hold job is made off_hold, it starts executing if the initializing conditions are correctly met.

The on_ice command is used to prevent a job from executing. A job on_ice will not execute, even if it is put into off_ice. It will run only when the initializing conditions reappear.  

21. How to use Run_Calendar in Autosys?

The run_calendar command or attribute is used to schedule jobs on specific days of the calendar. The jobs that have the attribute run_calendar will run on the day mentioned in the calendar. 

22. What are the commands in AutoSys?

The important commands in AutoSys are:

  • chk_files
  • Command (AutoSys)
  • enwars
  • fail_codes
  • heartbeat_interval
  • interactive
  • job_terminator
  • max_exit_success
  • shell
  • std_err_file• std_in_file
  • std_out_file
  • success_codes
  • ulimit

23. How to check the AutoSys version?

In order to check the AutoSys version on a server or client machine you run the command autoflags -a on those machines.

24. What is the file watcher job in AutoSys?

A file watcher job in AutoSys is a special type of job that monitors a specific file or directory for modification/changes. File watcher job can be used to automate tasks that need to be triggered when a certain file appears, reaches a particular size, or is modified.

25. What are the different types of Job types in AutoSys?

There are three types of Jobs in Autosys:

  1. Command Jobs
  2. File Watcher Jobs
  3. Box Jobs

26. How to monitor and troubleshoot jobs in AutoSys?

AutoSys provides various tools to monitor and troubleshoot job:

i) autorep: This is used to view job status and dependencies

ii) sendevent: This command is used to force-start or terminate jobs.