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Bitdefender Vs Avast: Which is Better in 2019

Updated Mar 08, 2019

As a perspective buyer, are you confused with regards to Bitdefender vs. Avast, whether it is more helpful to use Bitdefender or Avast, features of Bitdefender and Avast, etc.? If yes, you are not alone. With cyber threats rising for Windows users it has become important for one and all to understand whether to choose Bitdefender or Avast.

This is specifically true with regards to how most devices are being targeted and attempts are being made to steal sensitive information, money and data every day. In the face of these looming threats, it is essential to buy and use a reliable antivirus application.

Regardless of whether you a paid antivirus software or require a good antivirus solution with free options, this article is for you. Here, we aim to provide an overview of Avast and Bitdefender, two popular antivirus solutions that have captured the market, globally. Read on for a closer look.

Avast vs Bitdefender Anti-Virus

The following chart will help you decide between Bitdefender and Avast when you plan your next upgrade of an Antivirus solution provider.

Features of Bitdefender

Features of Avast

Plans start from $292 monthly rate

Plans start from $500 monthly rate

Accurate laboratory results that can be attained in a stoic, hand-on manner.

Inexpensive rate for the high levels of protection provided

Accurate and reliable support system

Comprises of many helpful features

Protection for ransomware

Easy to implement and use

Inclusive of highly protected password manager

Benchmarked network protection for offices and home using LAN/ MAN and WAN networks

PC protection only on the more inexpensive plans

 Protection for PC only

The base plan does not comprise of a firewall

The test results and support system may vary for different users

Inexpensive plans, of the likes of Antivirus Plus, showcase a varied range of features. However, they lack core security features such as parental control, web attack prevention, etc.

Most features provided by Bitdefender as a trial, such as VPN, can be found as full services when you buy Avast’s top-tier plan. Avast’s free offerings are quite impressive.

The core security suite provided with Bitdefender incorporates multi-layer ransomware protection. It offers a strong data protection layer, consistent monitoring of sensitive documents, etc.

Avast has a free version that offers core protection to take care of malware in real-time. It also offers a WiFi security advisor as well as a password manager for this purpose.

Total Security provided by Bitdefender is impressive. It provides access to an accurate password manager plus limited VPN. The password manager can store credit cards, passwords, identities, etc. and can auto-fill them in the user’s browser.

Advanced protection features, especially those needed for keeping users safe from phishing attempts, etc. are missing in Avast.

The VPN serves as a trial and users can use up to 200MB daily before they have to upgrade. Bitdefender is quite similar to Kaspersky’s included VPN powered by Hotspot Shield.

Avast Ultimate is the premium level product of Avast that includes $130 as extras. The other helpful products are Avast SecureLine VPN, Avast Passwords Premium, Avast Cleanup Premium, etc. 

The Bitdefender Antivirus can be used for Mac OS, Windows OS, Android phones, Android tablets, etc. It offers similar malware detection techniques for all kinds of Windows products.

Software Updater in Avast Antivirus updates commonly utilized third party software with the view of eliminating perspective security risks. Malicious attackers and threats often utilize leaks in software (that is not updated) to access PCs. Avast provides protection from "classic" threats such as trojans, viruses, worms, adware, bots, other exploits, etc.

Overview of Bitdefender Anti-virus

The developers of Bitdefender are Romania based and are reputed for their releases of modern-looking and light-weight software. Windows users can choose from three types of security packages in line with their short- and long-term security requirements:

1. Bitdefender Internet Security has been designed for advanced users.

2. The product Bitdefender Total Security offers ultimate protection to users.

3. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus takes care of the basics and also incorporates advanced protection for the users of Windows; it is light on resources.

Do note that the entry-level package begins at $40. It is capable of providing protection to a maximum limit of three devices.

The advantages of buying Bitdefender as an antivirus solution:

1. It takes up very low resources on the computers of users.

2. It serves to be among the lightest programs in the market space and has benchmarked, acceptable rate for virus detection.

3. Complete with a modern, good-looking interface, Bitdefender presents a very strong anti-phishing system.

4. Though it is not capable of detecting all kinds of virus, this antivirus solution offers average real-time protection at all times, thus making it a good choice for many.

Overview of Avast Anti-virus

Avast Antivirus is the brainchild of Avast, one of the biggest companies belonging to the cybersecurity industry. It possesses next-gen technologies that provides users with advanced and reliable software to protect them in the face of most cyber threats. Protecting over 435 million customers located in 186 countries, the Avast security software prevents 3.5 billion attacks (and more!) every month.

Avast has released a free version for Windows. It also offers three paid versions pertaining to security software. These three product variants are Avast Premium, Avast Ultimate and Avast Internet Security. Avast has a wide range of products for all types of consumers and business users. Along with paid and free Internet and antivirus security solutions, it provides an impressive range of performance tools for its users. Avast Security for Mac, Avast Antivirus for the users of Windows, Avast Mobile Security, Avast CleanUp, Avast Antivirus for Android, and Avast SecureLine VPN are some of the most popular applications that are being used by major operating systems, IoT devices, etc.


Bitdefender or Avast? The answer to this question lies in what you need in terms of features, offerings, security, detection rates, performance, privacy features, design, popularity, etc. In case you have any further queries with regards to these reputable antivirus and Internet security providers, do write to us in the Comments section below. We shall be glad to assist you with your concerns related to Bitdefender and Avast at the earliest.