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How to Fix Gmail Server Error 007?

Updated Jan 30, 2020

Today, Gmail is one of the largest and most popular cloud-based free email service providers. People all over the world are using these services. Users like Gmail because of its reliable services and features. Small and medium organizations are opting for Gmail’s services, and in fact, are very dependent on it.

They use Gmail extensively for communicating and sharing data with their team members. But it does not always go very smooth as the users may face an Error #007 while using Gmail. Below are the causes of this error, along with the solutions to fix it.

Gmail Server Error #007- The Causes

  • The Gmail error code #007 occurs in Gmail, especially while sending emails. The error occurs due to either incorrect configuration of a system file or modifications in some of the settings.
  • If the system file is misconfigured, it can generate a registry error on the computer. As a result, it can halt the functioning of windows, and it may not respond temporarily. Subsequently, the error message is raised.
  • Sometimes a slow internet connection may also cause this error, but as the speed increases, it can get resolved.
  • Whenever you try to send an email using Gmail, the email client starts the process and communicates with a web browser. If the error is raised, it will be flashed by the system, and later on, no communication will be allowed by Gmail.

Resolve Gmail Server Error 007

Now we are going to discuss how to resolve this error. We are suggesting some of the solutions through a step by step approach. You can solve the error by following the steps.

Method 1: Manual fixing

Step 1

  • Check your Browser for any new updates. Search for the latest version and update the browser with the latest version in your system.

Step 2

  • After updating the browser to the latest version, see whether the extensions in the browser are enabled or disabled. If it is disabled, then enable it and restart your browser.

Step 3

  • In the next step, you have to clear all the cookies, cache memory, registry, and prefetch files.

Step 4

  • After clearing the cache, cookies, prefetch files, disable the Gmail background sent. If the error #007 still occurs, then it would be because of the Lab background send is still enabled, and you have to disable the Lab’s send option and try to send the message again.

You can disable the Background Lab following the process given below in detail.

  • Process – You have to log in to your Gmail account first to disable the Background Lab. Afterwards, select the Gear Icon on the right-hand side, at the top of the screen corner of the homepage of your Gmail account.
  • Now click on the Settings button and choose the Lab option from the menu, where you will find the Background Send option and disable it.
  • After disabling Background, you have to restart the computer to make the changes effective. Now check your account for the error#007.
  • Another possible reason for this error would be a virus on your system, which is affecting the normal functioning of Gmail. To resolve this error, you can scan your computer with an antivirus and remove it.

Method 2: Automatically

If Method 1 is not feasible or difficult to resolve the issue, then you can go for Method 2 that automatically helps you to resolve this issue. As you cannot access your current account from the current email client, the best option is to change the email account.

This may solve your problem, but there is no fixed time after which the issue will be resolved, as it may take some minutes to get fixed or may extend up to an entire week.

Method 3: Using a Different Browser

Although this method is not necessary, another way to solve the issue is to change the browser. But if the antivirus you are using does not have a setting that instructs it to avoid scanning the signature mail, you can try using another web browser except Firefox to avoid the Gmail error #007.

You can consider using some of the new browsers, which may not fail while using Gmail. Hopefully, your email will be delivered to the destination without any issues.


If you have followed the methods given above and the outlined steps to solve the problem, it is guaranteed that you will be able to resolve this issue. Some of the web sites may be claiming that downloading and installing their software will solve the problem, but stay away from such claims.

These types of companies aim to cheat you and steal your valuable data by convincing you to install their software into your system.

This error code #007, as it occurs, can be solved by tweaking some of the system settings. Some of the users get irritated and try some unauthorized solutions or install some software/utility recommended by websites, as we discussed earlier.

Therefore, sometimes some methods might be lengthy, and may test your patience, but try all of them after ensuring that none of your data is lost in the process