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Common Issue after Upgrade to SP12

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Common Issue after Upgrade to SP12

What are the Common Issue after Upgrade to SP12? 

When we do the upgrading to SP12 these following are the reported common issue

  • Once you launch any transaction LMDB , SOLMAN_SETUP or SM_WORKCENTER, the following error comes up on screen , The ASSERT condition was violated and the short dump ASSERTION_FAILED below is reported in ST22 transaction.

The following error occurred in system OSP :

The ASSERT condition was violated.

And the termination type was: RABAX_STATE

The ABAP call stack was:

  • Method: _HANDLE_REQUEST of program CL_WDR_MAIN_TASK==============CP
  • Method: IF_HTTP_EXTENSION~HANDLE_REQUEST of program CL_WDR_MAIN_TASK==============CP
  • Method: EXECUTE_REQUEST_FROM_MEMORY of program CL_HTTP_SERVER================CP
  • Module: %_HTTP_START of program SAPMHTTP
  • When you go into the step SOLMAN_SETUP // System Prepration // Step 6.7 Connect Diagnostic Agents, the following error is reported:
  • Access denied to user 'SM_INTERN_WS' for action [attachToSLD]. User 'SM_INTERN_WS' is required to belong to one of the following Group(s): SAP_J2EE_ADMIN,SAP_RCA_AGT_CONN
  • at
  • at
  • at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
  • at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
  • at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
  • at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
  • at
  • at
  • at
  • at
  • at SoapServlet.doPost(
  • BW Content Activation step in basic configuration step 5 is failing , in the error log it says "The BW Content Activation is still running for the selected scenario" but when you check the job CCMS_BI_SETUP in transaction SM37, it doesn't appear at all.
  • After upgrading to SP11 and SP12, Diagnostic Agent are getting often disconnected and the no. of offline agent are Inconsistent.
  • If All Extern Work processes are occupied then system is often getting freeze.


  • For this ASSERTION_FAILED issue please follow the below link: Runtime Error ASSERTION_FAILED
  • Please make sure the user id in subject should have these 2 role assigned to it SAP_J2EE_ADMIN,SAP_RCA_AGT_CONN. To know better about the role and profile of those users involved with Solution Manager configuration please download the security guide using this link below:
  • SAP Components
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • Release 7.1
  • Operations
  • Security Guide SAP Solution Manager 7.1
  • Please make sure the BW Client configured in the step 2 are allowing automatic recording of Changes. You can check this using transaction SCC4:

  • Please make sure that the latest recommended java software patch is available in your Solution Manager system , those 3 Java component patches can be downloaded from the Service Marketplace (SMP) at -> Software Download -> Support Packages and Patches -> Browse Our Download Catalog -> SAP Technology Components -> SAP Solution Manager -> SAP Solution Manager 7.1 -> Entry by Component -> Solution Manager JAVA Stack.
  • SAP J2EE ENGINE CORE 7.02 -> OS independent: Patch 6 (or higher) for SP 15 of SAP J2EE ENGINE CORE 7.02
  • SAP J2EE ENGINE 7.02 -> OS independent: Patch 3 (or higher) for SP 15 of SAP J2EE ENGINE 7.02
  •  SAP SOLMANDIAG 710 -> OS independent: Patch 1 (or higher) for SP 12 of SOLMANDIAG 7.10 (Need to be in the maintenance mode before starting to deploy the SOLMANDIAG )

Remember to press the new icon named SCA Dependency Analysis on Service Marketplace , when downloading the above requested patch(es), or any higher available patch for the mentioned Software Component Support Package(s). This displays a list of additional SCA patches. However, only consider in that list the Software Components existing on the Solution Manager system. For instance, do not download and deploy XI PCK 7.02 or XI TOOLS 7.02. 

This way you make sure to also download the appropriate patches for any dependent Software Component Archives (SCAs). You will therefore patch the Solution Manager Java stack consistently.

However, do not implement a next Support Package of these software components. Implementing higher support packages would invalidate the coherence of your current SAP Solution Manager system.

Points to be consider

Before proceeding with the implementation for these patches, you shall verify which authentication policy is selected for the Diagnostics Agent connections.

You can see the current mode in SOLMAN_SETUP transaction, Scenario “System Preparation”, in Step “Configure Connectivity” / “Set Authentication Policy for Agents”.

In case the Agent authentication is done via certificate, you must follow these points below.

  • Make sure that the Diagnostics Agents are connected to Solution Manager using SSL. See SAP : 1898685
  • Make sure to maintain the NW property: TrustedP4SPort, like mentioned in this documentation:  content.htm This property is typically set, using the "SAP NetWeaver Administrator" page of the Solution Manager Java stack. Navigate to "Configuration" -> "System Properties". Expand each instance entry (named like "Instance IDXXXXXXXXXX"). Then, one by one, select "ServerX IDXXXXXXXXXX" and in the details section "Services" -> "Security" -> "TrustedP4SPort", in order to provide the value of the P4S port. 
  • Point to be remark 

Alternatively, in case you would decide, due to security reasons, NOT to maintain this mentioned NW property: TrustedP4Sport, you need to switch to the option “Use Basic authentication” (in step “Set Authentication Policy for Agents”).

Please set the parameter rdisp/http_min_wait_dia_wp to lower value so that the work processes timeout earlier and refer to the resolution part of this SAP  : 1839221 and make sure all recommendation are in place.

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