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Control activation of J2EE signal handler

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Control activation of J2EE signal handler

In cases where the operating system reports an error via signals, the J2EE signal handler makes troubleshooting more difficult.

The J2EE signal handler may sometimes prevent a dump being written to a "core" file.

As of Support Package 13, the J2EE administrator can insert the following line in the profile of the instance:

The following message should then appear in the "Developer Trace File" dev_jlaunch:
"signal handling is disabled"

For Support Packages 11 and 12, the function is contained in an advance correction for the startup framework.

The relevant archive SCSCLIENT.SAR is available on the SAP Service Marketplace under in
Support Packages and Patches -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NETWEAVER -> SAP NETWEAVER 04 -> Entry by Component -> AS Java -> SAP J2EE ENGINE 6.40

Example: For AIX Unicode, you require SCSCLIENT64UC_1-20000114.SAR from the subdirectory AIX_64.

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