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Creating TO for Material Doc in LT06

Nitesh Singh || 03 Jun 2014 1:34 pm || 1

When I am creating TO using LT06 for Material documents created for Movement Type 561 system is displaying error - You have not selected any data for the material document 4900062231 message No. L2030 

If LT06 is for creating TO for material Docs then why this error?


  • 04 Jun 2014 12:48 pm Helpful Answer

    Could it be that movement 561 does not leave a TR in your system? It's not that strange that someone changed this in SAP. So my suggestion: first check if there is a TR waiting for the item in that document (you can also check this via the document number). 
    If no TR is made you can not create a TO via LT06. You can make a TO via LT01 of course.