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Customer Hierarchy Table in SAP

Updated May 18, 2018

Hi All can anyone know which table has the relation between customer group and its members

For example 
Customer 111101 has member 111102, 111102 and 111103.

My user just want to get this relation, so she can join a customer which get from T-code VL06O to which group it belongs.



  • 02 Jun 2016 4:52 pm rekha Best Answer

    You can see in table KNVH the field HZUOR. In this field it's the hierarchy level. Or you call the function BAPI_CUSTOMER_GET_CHILDREN .This Function, or BAPI, return a table with all the hierarchy per a customer number.

  • 02 Jun 2016 4:52 pm Romil Tripathi Helpful Answer

    Table KNVH gives an overview of the Customer Hierarchy.

    For example, in the field KUNNR you'll find a customer number which refers to its higher leveled customer number, mentioned in the field HKUNNR.

    This circular loop mechanism repeats it selves in the same table over and over again, until you reach a highest level (the HKUNNR stays empty).