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Determination of Profit Center for CRM

Sugandh || 04 May 2016 2:52 pm || 1

Hello Experts,

CRM server gets connected with R/3 system that is helpful in mapping the control and profit center accounts. The notes help in describing about the profit center’s determination and integration of CRM. If the user has an active accounting for profit center then connection with the integration of CRM must be established. 


  • Sonia Barwar
    04 May 2016 2:53 pm Best Answer

    When the sales process is considered then there are some processes that are associated with services and they are to be maintained effectively. The determination of profit center is mentioned below and there are many things that can be counted in this league. 

    • Default center and services are determined with the replication of R/3 system. All these instances are stored in the translator and there are some elements that are from CRM. 
    • There are alternatives in the profit center and they can be followed as mentioned above but the dummy set has to be maintained. 
    • When there is SAP PCACRM01 enhancement and if the user exits are available then certainly there are ample options that help in deriving the center of profit for CRM integration. 
    • Profit substitution is also created in PCA and this is also effective process for getting the control area.