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Difference between SSD and SSF in Transaction iView

Updated May 19, 2018

SAP Shortcut File (SSF) vs Structured Storage Document (SSD)

The 3 alternatives in the transaction iView for the property 'Technique for starting SAP GUI for Windows' are:

  1. Automatic Detection
  2. Structured Storage Document (SSD)
  3. SAP Shortcut File (SSF)

Difference between the three are as follows:

  • When the user chooses SSD, it will enable WINGUI to display within the portal's Content Area.
  • When selecting SSF will result in WINGUI being launched in standalone mode (i.e., outside of the portal).
  • And the 3rd alternative 'Automatic Detection' will detect if Internet Explorer or a different browser is being used. SSD or SSF will be chosen on this basis, SSD or SSF chosen.

The SSD is only compatible with the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. It is not supported by other browsers such as Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Note that the iView property 'Launch in New Window' may be overridden by the starting technique!

Now in case of SSF, users must be warned to not to share the ".SAP" files, once it can carry the user's information.