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Shortcuts in SAP and the Default Language for Logon

Updated May 18, 2018

There are users mostly trying to use shortcut ways to logon for using SAP system because a by default language set in this system. 

It also supports 710 GUI language, it can also use according to the parameter in SU01, user can use SU01, Defaults Logon Language the parameter for using this SAP program. Users have to use some command to use sap shortcut. Users can use sap shortcut in sap system n various languages and use can “sign in” in English language. It is set by default in SAP, user wishing to logon by using set language parameter then the most important thing is if there is no language elaborate in the system than the result is the system will be extended.   


  • 11 Apr 2016 5:46 pm Jyoti Pandey Best Answer

    There is a solution for user, user doesn’t need to define any particular language in sap shortcut they just needs to use the language related to the field. The existing sessions of SAP GUI sap are not reusable without information of language. Using the solution to logon in sap system, it is totally dependent on user if user wants to define the language while using SAP shortcut maybe it is not able to reuse. User can install the patch file and download the all information.