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XML configuration file on Server SapLogonTree.xml

Updated May 18, 2018

How to generate the XML configuration file on Server SapLogonTree.xml?

We want to generate the XML Configuration file on Server SapLogonTree.xml with own program or script and therefore need information about the structure and format of the XML file.

Kindly provide the SAP Logon server configuration files by running SAP Logon. If you must generate/update the server file SapLogonTree.xml using your own program or script, you can refer to the following description in "Solution" section and should be aware of the following restrictions:

  • The description is only valid for SAP GUI 7.20.
  • The XML file is designed only for internal data storage in SAP Logon. The format, syntax, structure or even usage of the file can be extended or changed in the future SAP GUI releases.
  • We recommend to do this only for your SAP Logon Pad users. (avoiding parallel updates)
  • We recommend to update the UUID on demand instead of generating a new UUID for each node every time when the file is created.

Please do as below to generate UUID:

By using ABAP: method create_system_uuid( ) in class CL_SYSTEM_UUID (see ABAP help for details)

By using non-ABAP programming language: you can refer to the corresponding programming manual about uuid generator

By using external uuid generator tools(refer to documentation of the corresponding platform vendors): like uuidgen.exe from Microsoft Software Development Kit (SDK), Linux / Unix command: uuidgen or makeuuid on Solaris uuidgen for Mac OS X etc.