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Differences between Owner and Owner Sales On Lead

Owner vs Owner Sales On Lead

What are the differences between Owner And Owner Sales On Lead?


The Owner is an Employee Responsible for the document whereas Owner (Sales) is the Sales Employee party.

The responsibility for the Sales is on the Owner Sales. Therefore it could be that a person ABC (ABC represents the Leads owner; = Employee responsible for the Lead document) is the person who creates the Lead contacts, like a trade fair or similar. ABC would then be in charge of creating that contact/account business-relationship.  It some case it might be possible, that this is the same person as the Owner Sales, in this scenario user would not necessarily need to have the two fields, it depends on your business's strategy.

We can then also have a second person DEF (DEF represents the Lead's Owner (Sales); = the Sales Employee party) in charge of the Sales.

For instance: If ABC meets and creates the contacts and gets them interested to do business with user, then DEF takes over to do the Sales.

In the Business Configuration > Fine Tuning > Leads > Maintain Involved Parties user can edit the determination of both the owner and the owner sales.