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Formatted texts in Web UI Related Interview Questions and Answers

Updated May 18, 2018

1. Question: What are texts that can be formatted in the Web UI?

Answer: Texts that can be formatted enable you to provide a text with the basic formatting and paragraph options. You need the HTML editor to edit the texts you entered accordingly when you create and process notes in CRM objects in the "Notes" assignment block. Texts that can be formatted function only in the Web UI, and you have to explicitly activate them there.

2. Question: Formatting is not provided for the text type used. Why not?

Answer: You have to mark the text type as formatted text in Customizing.

Proceed as follows to access Customizing:

SPRO -> IMG -> Customer Relationship Management -> Basic Functions -> Text Management -> Define Text Format

The following options for marking the text types as formatted are available:

You enter a text object (for example, CRM_ORDERH or CRM_ORDERI) to ensure that all text types of this object are marked collectively as formatted. You can remove the formatting of individual text IDs using additional single entries.

You enter all text types individually that you want to be formatted. The entries then have to consist of a combination of text object and text type.

In any case, the "Can be Formatted" indicator must be set so that the texts are also taken into account as texts that can be formatted. If you do not find this Customizing entry, then the switch CRM_GSTEXT_FORMAT of the business function CRM_INF_1 is not activated. This switch must be activated for the formatted texts to be used. Open the business function CRM_INF_1 in transaction SFW2 and activate the switch CRM_GSTEXT_FORMAT.

3. Question: Can I deactivate formatting again?

Answer: Yes. In the Customizing path described in the answer to question one, you can also mark each text type as not formatted. Note however that any formatting of a saved text is lost with the next change.

4. Question: I activated formatting in the Switch Framework, but despite this the system does not offer me the entry "Define Text Format" in Customizing. Why not?

Answer: Activation may have taken place for individual clients and not system-wide. Proceed as follows to check the status of the activation:

Call transaction SFW2 for the business function CRM_INF_1
Double-click the line CRM_GSTEXT_FORMAT
Switch to the "Properties" tab page.
In the "Properties" field area, you see the entry "Global Status".
Choose the displayed status.
The "Switch Settings" dialog box opens and displays the activation status of the individual clients.

For example:

Switch              Client       Switch Position
CRM_GSTEXT_FORMAT   000          off
CRM_GSTEXT_FORMAT   060          on
CRM_GSTEXT_FORMAT   120          off

If the switch is set to "off", this means that the formatted texts are not activated.

Important: The Switch Framework does not support the activation of a switch per client (see SAP Note 1554318). To avoid problems with the switch, we recommend that you do not carry out any activation per client; instead, always activate or deactivate the switch for the entire system.

5. Question: Which values for style and form are supported?

Answer: Use SYSTEM for style and form.

6. Question: Which types of formatting are supported?

Answer: You can edit texts in CRM with the following formats:

Paragraph: Aligned to the left, aligned to the right, centered, justified.
Font style: Bold, italic, underlined.
Formatting font and font size is not supported.

7. Question: How can I include graphics?

Answer: The inclusion of graphics is not supported.

8. Question: There is no upload button provided. How can I load my formatted texts from other documents?

Answer: The upload function using a button is not supported.

9. Question: I use texts that can be formatted in IC. Why is the "Import from Scratchpad" button inactive for the texts that can be formatted?

Answer: The "Import from Scratchpad" function is not supported.

10. Question: The font is "Times New Roman". Can this be changed?

Answer: You can change the font using the BTF editor but this function is not provided for the formatted texts because it is not supported. The displayed font "Times New Roman" is a default setting of the BTF editor. It is used only for the display and does not affect printing with SmartForms.

11. Question: I cannot enter formatted texts in the detail area at header level. Why not?

Answer: The use of formatted texts is not provided in the detail area since you want the overall appearance to be kept as simple as possible. In general, the first changeable text type of the used text determination procedure is used. If this text type can be formatted, then this text type cannot be edited in the detail area; it is only displayed. If you were allowed to edit a formatted text using a normal editor here, all existing formatting of this text would be lost when saving.

12. Question: I use variables and reference texts. Where can I see which texts have been entered there? Is there a page preview?

Answer: No, there is no page preview or print preview in the WebClient UI (UIU). Reference texts are standard texts that are managed in SO10. The variables are placeholders in the text control that are filled and become visible when the SmartForm is created.

13. Question: The list of the "Notes" assignment block no longer displays variables and reference texts (there is not even a placeholder). Why is this the case?

Answer: Only plain texts are used for the display here. All available formatting is removed before the display and is no longer displayed.