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Data Mapping in ELM (External List Management) in Excel Format

Query: Looking for guidance what short of data could be mapped in External list management (ELM). And other hand is it possible to maintain the data in Excel Format


In ELM information identified with Business accomplice addresses, marketing traits of business accomplices, Business transactions-related data could be mapped. 

Information might be mapped in two courses either in .csv file or in .txt file. 

Main distinction in both format are 

If you are using  .txt file you can give the first field plain however for .csv file i 
Believe if you skip the first field it will make next non-blank column to first column by self.
This may be the reason for your issue of not getting the definite appearance in SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)  framework. 

For stacking the information utilizing ELM we have to do the following steps.

Step 1: Creating Mapping



Step 2. Use the created mapping in the external list.

Step 2.1
Menu in web UI->Marketing-> Mapping Format(Under Create)

Offer it to some ID. 

Select category according to your request starting from the drop. 

Select a record with one record which you need to transfer. When you chose the record you require tomention the Delimiter of the document. Click on the refresh to get the arrangement balanced according to your change. You can select to make an individual as a BP or an Organization as a BP. You can utilize the drop down as a part of the focused on field channel and select the sort of information that you need to load. When you chose the information sort the target field will show up in the right hand side. 

Step 2.2: Creating ELM: 

Menu in web UI->marketing-> External List (Under Create). 

Offer it to ID, 

Origin and Type as accessible in DD and according to the requirement. 

Select the mapping Format you made above. 

When that is made you have to select the information record that you need to import and the delimiter of the information document.



Once done over two steps you are primed to transfer information. You have to do following  steps: record ( this will read the information from the document and store the information in the CRM framework) 

2. Map information. This will begin mapping the information from the record utilizing the guide that you made in the framework to the BP data. 

3. Keep up BP  :  This will Create or Maintain the BP data. 

4. Make Business Transactions: This will make leads or exercises when making or transferring the BP data 

5. Select the External rundown when it is to run the schedule. Quickly or on certain time. 

6. Once the information is stacked you can go and check whether there is any lapse on the information and fix it.