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Email notifications not sent to user in GRC Access Control 10.0

16 Apr 2013 4:44 pm || 0

Configurations for Email notifications may not be complete or correct. Please check the following settings in the configuration.

1. Go to the configuration settings SPRO-> GRC -> Access Control-> User Provisioning -> Maintain provisioning Settings -> Maintain Global Provisioning Configuration and change the Send Password under EMAIL status to YES.

2. Go to the configuration setting SPRO -> GRC -> Access Control -> Worlflow for Access Control -> Maintain MSMP workflows.

In MSMP, Under Maintain paths, Please add the following to the stage level notification settings.

Notification Event : END_OF_REQUEST
Template Id        : GRAC_AR_CLOSE
Recipient Id       : GRAC_USER

Template GRAC_AR_CLOSE has the variable 'Provisioning' which will have the password link.