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Email notifications not sent to user in GRC Access Control 10.0

Updated May 18, 2018

Configurations for Email notifications may not be complete or correct. Please check the following settings in the configuration.

1. Go to the configuration settings SPRO-> GRC -> Access Control-> User Provisioning -> Maintain provisioning Settings -> Maintain Global Provisioning Configuration and change the Send Password under EMAIL status to YES.

2. Go to the configuration setting SPRO -> GRC -> Access Control -> Worlflow for Access Control -> Maintain MSMP workflows.

In MSMP, Under Maintain paths, Please add the following to the stage level notification settings.

Notification Event : END_OF_REQUEST
Template Id        : GRAC_AR_CLOSE
Recipient Id       : GRAC_USER

Template GRAC_AR_CLOSE has the variable 'Provisioning' which will have the password link.