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SAP GRC Access Control Module Course, Fees and Duration

Updated May 18, 2018


SAP GRC Access Control (Risk Analysis and Remediation, Superuser Privilege Management, Compliant User Provisioning and Enterprise Role Management) works in combination with SAP Business Processes. In general, the fees for this SAP module ranges from Rs.20,000 to 25,000  for 10 to 30 days depending upon institute.

  • Demonstrate the functionalities and usage of the different components within SAP GRC Access Control
  • Discuss how to use the SoD Management process as standard approach for implementing SAP GRC Access Control
  • Configure and use workflow-based SoD and User Access Reviews to ensure a continuous assessment of the risk situation by the business process owners
  • Discuss how the use of Enterprise Role Management will help to maintain a clean SoD environment with respect to your organization’s roles.
  • Identify the integration points across the whole SAP GRC Access Control Suite
  • Implementation strategy of GRC Access Control Project.

Course Based on Software Release

  • SAP GRC Access Control 5.3
  • SAP ERP Central Control 6.0

Duration:50 HRS


1. Overview of SAP Security

  • SAP R/3 Architecture
  • SAP Basis Security
  • Authorization concept
  • User and Role creation
  • Concept of Derived role
  • Derived Role benefits
  • Exercise on Role creation (Hands-On)
  • Auditing and Monitoring
  • Security Reports

2.SoD overview

  • SOX Compliance
  • SoD Management Process Phases
  • SoD Implementation Methodology
  • SoD Matrix
  • How Risk Analysis & Remediation/CC compatible to SoD’s.

3. Overview of SAP GRC Access Control

  • Why GRC?
  • SAP GRC Components
  • Product architecture
  • SAP GRC Access Control 5.3 suite features
  • Prerequisites
  • Installation
  • System Landscape
  • SAP GRC Access Control Authorizations

4. Risk Analysis and Remediation

  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Verification of Installation
  • Getting Clean using RAR
  • Compliance Calibrator tabs
  • Exercise
  • Implementation Process Flow
  • User Management Engine
  • Key Terminology
  • Introduction to the SoD Risk Management Process
  • RAR Rule Architect – SoD
  • Rule Building Process
  • Exercise
  • Rule Library
  • Management View- Risk Violations
  • Risk Analysis Adhoc Reports
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Remediation
  • Simulation
  • Exercise
  • Alerts
  • Exercise
  • Mitigation
  • Exercise
  • Organizational Rules and Organizational Level Reporting
  • Exercise
  • Continuous Compliance
  • Operational guide
  • Exercise

5. Super user Privilege Management

  • Overview
  • Verification of Installation
  • Exercise
  • Super user Privilege Management functionality and uses
  • SPM configuration
  • SPM Reports
  • Exercises

6. Compliant User Provisioning

  • Overview
  • Verification of Installation
  • Compliant User Provisioning Functionality
  • Integration with RAR & ERM
  • Workflow-based Reviews
  • Compliant User Management Lifecycle
  • Work flow creation
  • Super user access workflow
  • Request creation and approval flow
  • Types of workflows
  • Configurations
  • Different reports
  • Exercises

7. Enterprise Role Management

  • Overview
  • Verification of Installation
  • Configuration Review
  • Workflow Steps
  • Access Control Integration
  • Integration between all Access Control Products
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Role creation workflow
  • Reports
  • Exercises

8. Project flow methodology

  • Project preparation
  • Requirement gathering
  • Blueprint
  • Architecture & SLD
  • Operational steps

SAP GRC Course Fee And Duration

GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) tells itself that to avoid risks with the good technical skills you can easily govern and compile the risk.

Course fee depends upon the institute. In general, for 10 to 30 days institute can charge Rs.20,000 to Rs.25,000 

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