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How to Get the Host Name and Port of Decentralized Adapter Engine?

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How to Get the Host Name and Port of Decentralized Adapter Engine?

 Every company needs to configure communication channel using integration directory. And for this specific requirement they use decentralized adapter engine. A centralized adapter engine make easy to configure communication without any trouble. But, sometimes while you use this you need some special authorizations. So you must know the host name and port at which it will work.

And to know these important key terms like host name and port you should know for which you need them. Like you want port in PI 7.0 and host name for that.

You can get host name and port for PI 7.0 you can ask to your basis team who will be much familiar with them. You can get such information in SLD if the decentralized adapter is registered.

And for this you have to follow some steps given below:-

1.       Log in in to SLD then go to information system.

2.       After that select process integration from the drop down list and this will be in the other possibilities in the RBW under Component Monitoring.

3.       Now after selecting RWB component monitoring select the Domain section.

4.       Then go to Non-Centralized Adapter and you will find the host name there.

By following these easy steps you can easily find host name and port for PI 7.0