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Java Tutorial for Beginners

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Java Tutorial for Beginners


This tutorial provides you with the knowledge of JAVA basics such definition, history, features and uses of java

What is Java?

JAVA is one of the most powerful and versatile programming language used for developing various software's, applications for mobiles, desktops and also for servers

History of JAVA

  1. Java was developed by James Gosling and his team in a computer manufacturing company known as Sun Microsystem which was later purchased by Oracle in 2010
  2. Java was previously called as 'OAK' which was renamed to java in 1995.

JAVA Features/Buzzwords

Listed below are some important features of java

High-Level Programing language:-

Just like C++ Java is also a high-level programming language which makes java easy to learn and work on it

Platform Independent Programming Language:-

As java is a platform independent programming language its enable us to execute our java programs on various other platforms such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh.

Compiled and interpreted programming language:-

Due to this feature of java, we can convert the source code of our java program to a particular form which can be executed in our computer.


Java is a simple programming language. If you have any knowledge of object oriented programming language such as C++ then it becomes very easy for to learn and work on JAVA


All features of java are object-oriented which means it can be used in various classes and objects.


As the programs written in Java language can be executed in easily in variety of systems, therefore we can say Java is one Robust programming language


Java is multithreaded which allow us to perform multitasking.


Java is an architecture-neutral program because as mentioned above java codes can be executed on various platforms such as Linux, Macintosh, Windows


This feature of Java allows us to convert the source code into byte code which can be interpreted using JVM (JAVA VIRTUAL MACHINE)


Java is designed for distributed environment of the internet as it supports the TCP IP protocol. Java also supports the Remote Method Invocation (RMI) which allows us to invoke or access method over networks


Java is a dynamic programming language which allows us to dynamically link codes


  1. Java is used for developing various application for Desktop, Smartphones, Mobiles
  2. Java language is also used for developing dynamic websites on webservers with the help of JSP (JavaServer Pages).


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