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Job Profile & Salary Package for SAP XI Consultant

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Job Profile & Salary Package for SAP XI Consultant

Job profile and Salaries

SAP XI course brings ample number of opportunities for its audience to move towards highly paid jobs. It gives them a chance to work along with top names or highly reputed organizations. Though experience is one that companies look for in an candidate but skills and good personal communication shall help fresher to get a easy break through.

SAP XI job profiles can be of SAP XI consultant, SAP XI trainer, SAP XI administrator, SAP XI Architect or SAP XI, Security consultant.

Most of the above said profiles look for experience of the candidate and his/ her skills. But experience is not the mandatory condition. A good knowledge of SAP, SAP XI and a certification in SAP XI can open gateway of success.

The salaries of SAP XI consultant can start from 35K and can go as high up to 540K. but salaries of SAP XI architect and Administrator can go high up to 900K in few top organizations over a period of 20 years of experience.

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