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Difference between Immediate and Automatic Transfer Order Creation

Sonia Barwar || 22 Aug 2014 6:44 pm || 1

Hello Experts,

Immediate vs Automatic Transfer Order Creation

What is the difference between immediate transfer order creation and automatic transfer order creation?

Thanks in Advance!


  • 22 Aug 2014 6:44 pm Helpful Answer

    In the immediate transfer order creation, the TO creation is called immediately as a background task for the corresponding preceding document in the update of a delivery or a material document or in WMPP material staging.

    In the automatic transfer order creation, you can set the 'automatic TO' indicator for movement types related to the documents. You then have to schedule a report to carry out the conversion into a transfer order,
    RLAUTA10 for transfer requirements
    RLAUTA11 for posting change notices.