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Wipro Reviews and Work Culture by Ex- Employees

Updated May 18, 2018

The people utilized a lot and they made me life zero .

Do not Work in Wipro they are the life killers.


  • 18 Oct 2014 2:19 pm Guest

    All you guys go and suck.. Its really a good company.. I came accross many people. I have worked for TCS CTS SATYAM, I suggest WIPRO is the best place for employees. Employee caring is best in WIPRO. Ofcourse work loader and presure is there. Its in all IT companies. Dont blame WIPRO if you are unable to tackle your are not strong enough to face the things so you are blaming company. Mature enough dudes.. Who ever complaining about WIPRO just come and SUCK my !!!!!!!!!!

  • 29 Oct 2014 12:05 pm Mishra

    Yes Wipro Infotech is one of the worst company in india The company implemented a project for Bharathi Cement. In Bharathi Cement. A HR Manager in Bharathi Cement He dont know anything he dont know what is the meaning of HR Still he is surviving in that clients place and A Manager name called Reddy He is another waste candidate His life will suck... They are playing with sap consultants life

  • 29 Oct 2014 12:22 pm Mishra

    one who is supporting wipro infotech is bleady His life will suck like others suffered in wipro Reddy in Bharthi Cement Your life will be miserable you will become beggar 

  • 30 Dec 2014 7:19 am Guest

    I worked in wipro for 3.4 years. they took one month to give me experience letter after my relieving date. Exit team in wipro is worst. My manager is a bitch.. Never Join this company..

  • 02 Feb 2015 3:26 pm Guest

    Wipro are an outsourcing IT company that originally started out exporting Bananas as the Western indian Trading company.

    And from then apparently it went down hill.

    If you have been outourced to Wipro then I can tell you the future...
    They do a slick presentation bragging how companies like Microsoft goto them for help and development.  
    Then they divide and conquer the staff until they take the hint.

    They have a complex training, expenses, etc system that works on Wipro networks but not very well outside Wipro, they barely provide training on it ad as a result you can't claim expenses without massive effort.

    If you have any issues just contact HR, which is a bit like the Whack A Mole game, but you never see or hear back from the mole.

    You can expect five or six tax codes a year because they aren't too great with the tax office either.

    I worked for them for a year and left a couple of months ago, I won't be looking back

    If you know someone that you really don't like who is mentally slow and incapable of common sense, then why not send them to Wipro for an interview.

    Frankly I can't bring myself to do it, my mortal enemy has kids

  • 10 Mar 2015 4:13 am Guest

    They hired me as a full time employee in united states when I was student. I was on OPT status and it was about to expire on may 9th 2012. I was following up on this since Jan 2012 and my whole package to apply for H1B was ready on May 7th. My university told me that I won’t be eligible for cap gap even if they apply my H1B because, I don’t have the receipt. That means from May to Oct I will be out of status. To maintain status, I had to join another university again and I cannot work while I’m student. Only way to work was that, I need to apply for CPT in my university. It gets approved only when Wipro gives me a brand new employment letter in unv suggested format. Wipro asked many questions and took a lot of time to give me letter. Time was running out and I had no option and I had  to call of H1B application because, I didn’t have work authorization. I had to join another small employer and get work authorization. Before the time, my new employer applied my visa, the quota for 2012 was full. In 2013 my visa got rejected because I didn’t have any client letter(I’m unfortunate and the employer was not big like Wipro) and in 2014 my application did not get picked in lottery. If Wipro has filed my H1b in 2012, I wouldn’t be suffering like this. Main reason to join Wipro was to avoid rejections but, they ruined my life big time. Now, I’m still student paying my school fee as well as working and doing thesis, homework’s. I think Wipro don’t get how students in USA suffer! 

  • 22 Mar 2015 9:27 pm Guest

    Now it's 2015, work and experience as it has below outstanding and above excellence.

  • 25 Mar 2015 3:34 pm Guest

    Hi Friends Please dont join Wipro Infotech or Wipro Technologies both are the same my manager was from Non IT background can you beleave it hahahahah i was there for 3 and half years had a dum manager Sanjeev Benthur from Mumbai. He used to make the team members do his work and you will find him most of the time in Cafe in his presence 40 members resigned so be it even a new joinee used to worry what to work and if there is no work you need to do Ass licking to survive there. Every Year you have a UCF test this is test only to FIRE the employees. So even if you are a permanent employee every year you can be put out for so stupid UCF that they have . They will award you best Employee and then Put you out for UCF not cleared. there is one more case that they dont have any projects and you need to keep hunting for projects in infotech and Technologies now if you dont get any they be prepared once again for the same situation so there is completly no peace of mind for anyone other then the managers because they are a bunch of fools sitting and chatting you will be made to work on projects but there will be no fool allowance given or travel allowance given . I hope i could share what it felt like there now who gets a offer dont take it check if you can get other offers because once i came out my new company is really cool i can see the difference here no scrap foolish managers like SANJEEV who will keep calling even at 12.00  in the night to get his work done 

  • 26 Mar 2015 7:16 pm Guest

    Why you think so ???

  • 21 Apr 2015 6:42 pm Guest

    Hi All dear friend i am with u. yes its blood sucking company

  • 02 Jun 2015 5:46 pm Guest

    Hi friends, Also WIPRO is place have lot of Illegal relationship,

    Many BPO leads and manager have illegal relation with employees and make their mate life hell

    team Manager Nagendra babu was one of the Victim and he was terminated from Wipro due to this issue. Also Some PM treat and indirect approach to female employees.

  • 05 Jun 2015 4:00 pm Guest

    Crazy mangers always interested in licking there managers

  • 16 Jun 2015 6:39 pm Guest

    Yes I am fully agree with same ...its blood sucking company....

  • 17 Jul 2015 7:42 pm Guest

    I got a offer in Wipro Teechnologies at Tech Lead B3 position with 12L package. I am thinking not to join. Is it my right decision?

  • 22 Aug 2015 5:19 pm Guest

    does wipro fires employees when it finds a fake experience of the candidates..

  • 29 Aug 2015 5:57 pm Ashish Ashish

    Wipro is the worst company it support Sexual Harassment and abusement. There managers spoiled my peronal life and career. There managers have underworld and mafia links be careful with such company.


  • 25 Oct 2015 5:02 am Guest

    i am also dipressed in just 4 months while working with wipro ..managment is not good...

  • 27 Nov 2015 6:29 am Guest

    As an ex-employee i will suggest not to join wipro atleast. The management is worst.No matter how sincere employee you are but  if you dont agree with management's decision at some point due to either overwork or overtimings or might be due to some or other issues, then they will make your life hell.

  • 29 Dec 2015 10:48 am Guest

    Hi,I had worked in 4 - 5 companies before joining WIPRO but never came a thought to resigne from an organisation in less than monthss. Since the time of Joining i am facing issue, not only me but many engineers who had joined before or after me.WIPRO is like a semi-government company with some flavour of IT. Allocation of laptop to a new employee is were you could get a feel of WIPRO. They ask you to get in touch with your team member, who ever is on weekly-off or leave..etc borrow their laptop and return when your done with your work - this is extremely worst. Join wipro and forget abt your personal like. their are lot of gaps between process. the most pathetic work experience - work atmosphere - working style - process i ever came across.

  • 06 Jan 2016 1:24 am john hurt

    Feedback for premchand rayali, yuvaraj janakiram botworks team from ex employee. worked developar for premchand Ryali and yuvaraj under ramkumar balasubramanian.these two worst managars in wipro. life hell for all. they treat peopal like machenes. tagged to one project but made to work many projects. both have big egoes. play games. dont let peopal take leaves. make peopal work for 12hours minium everyday home and office with no night bonus and cab same with lady employees. they made peopal work even on dusseraha with full day call i heared. in 4 months.3 people left company because of them one managar and 2 developars.they talk rude and cruel. yuvaraj insult team peopal in all people front. entire team. premchand and yuvaraj both politisians.they smile always fake smile but make people work like in hitler camps. all 3 people left because of bad managars not because of company wipro. premchand on phone and shouts always. do not know how respect people. yuvaraj is split personalety. keep smiling but never like peopal. he is lonely personality. both not good for managars they are not leadars only playars. they only interested in giving order not ready to listen to members. they psyco managars. and only interested personal agenda. no team plans. they forget team is made of people not machenes.dont u.act like leaves are sin. they squeese people for work. work why on so many projects. billed for one project for 100%? this is cheating customer who pays. no carrier discussion no growth. they make my life hell during last days. how dare they shout employees. this is corporate company not family business. if these two not fixed many will leave company. they hold personal grudege with peopal who not agree with their way work style. they ask peopal not help peopal they do not like they making bad name for wipro and life hell for team peopal.human condition in team cruel. hitler camps better. exit feedback not taken serious. pls take the inbox mailed to top managament.wish action good. managars bad these two.dont join if these two managers team

  • 07 Jan 2016 7:30 am Guest

    I complete agree with d abuve post . Premchand ryali n yuvaraj Janakiraman rooined my stay in Wipro n they were d only reason for me 2 quit such a wonderful company. Even I was a developer under Prem for a long time n then wurked under yuvaraj towards d end of my stay in Wipro. I had 2 quit because of these third class ass**les.

    Let me talk in detail about premchand ryali as I wurked with him for a longer duration . Prem Is a fatAss EGOISTIC , ARROGANT, RUDE , UNCULTURED , HIGHLY POLITICAL person whose motto is 2 keep his boss happy . If his manager asks him 2 clean his toilet he would do it with his bare hands just 2 impress him .He expects his reportees also 2 do d same . He asks dem 2 bring him food , red bull 2 his desk n treats dem like his slave. He asks his reportees 2 carry his backpack , collect Items for his international travels , order food for him in canteen n expects dem 2 serve it 2 him while he will be sitting . This is an insult 2 people under him. He does not know 2 respect his colleagues . He always steals others ideas n projects it as his own . Always take code from every one n never helps anyone within his practice . Fights with every one in his team. Thinks he is God n expects everyone 2 answer his call irrespective of when he calls . If not answered on weekends or public holidays he taunts dem next time. He openly creates rift within team n targets people who don't tell YES SIR 2 HIM. Shouts on people openly on floor n Abuses dem . He has some of his reportees like P**tha d*s who is his pet dog n who does all his domestic wurk. Because of this guy he expects others 2 also do it . 4 developers including me n one manager under him in his analytics n automation team left ONLY BECAUSE OF PREM. He wnts only credit n does not wnt 2 wurk. He takes others credit also. He called me one day n told not 2 help my junior in d team as their project was doing really well which was not under his direct sight . So even if it's his team since he won't get credit he wnts dem 2 fail . This is sick. He also created rift between one more development team which is directly reporting 2 his boss . He called it kill G project . Kill Gundu project . Means 2 destroy d other development team within d same practice . Such is this disgusting fatAss attitude . He should be fired n red listed so that he can't wurk in any other company. He forcefully made me change my domain n 2 take up other technology which I was not at all interested . None of his projects r doing well . Puts extreme pressure on his team 2 achieve unrealistic goals . 2 scr dem he will use all top mgt names n tel I have committed so we have 2 do. All d team Members hate him except for his pet dogs. He is a disgrace 2 Wipro n automation team. Pls fire him .Prem does not know anything . He will listen 2 someone who will talk some technology n he will come n tell his team as if he know d entire subject . n ask dem 2 learn. He will also claim his team mates ideas 2 be his n project himself . He is an empty drum who will explode because of his stinking attitude . He will never help others with his code . He will only take , never give. n he will shout at others if they refuse any of his request

    Now about Yuvaraj - he is dual faced . In d short time I wurked with him it was pure hell n torture. Even on my last day in Wipro he called n tortured me. He is very artificial n talks sweetly in front n then attacks from behind . He is one of PREM S DOGS . A yes man 2 his boss. Does not know how 2 handle n manage his team. Does not know anything technically n talks nonsense. This guy has capacity 2 talk nonsense for hours together . Shouts in closed room 2 protect his image from others . He should be fired from Wipro . Cannot handal pressure n passes it on 2 his team. Can't take decisions. He will only delegate wurk 2 his team n not do anything. He will not preach n not follow . His meetings r a torture . It's like he wnts 2 upgrade his knowledge n calls for useless meetings  . If Wipro wnts technical talent in his team 2 stay he needs 2 be fired . Very manipulative n a disgusting attitude .


  • 15 Jan 2016 7:29 pm Guest

    Not even a single positive review!!!!Guys i got selectes in WISTA category...should i join or not....plzzz suggest me!!!!!

  • 21 Jan 2016 10:00 pm Guest

    Lif is horror in WIpro.Pathetic to work...Bunch of sadist managers and Psychopaths..CEO is useless.

  • 25 Jan 2016 10:26 am Guest

    I really dont know why people are crying for the name of Wipro. I had work their for 3 years and I had faced every kind of problem working in weekend, worked for 48 hours continuously but i never complain. I got my appraisal gr8 for last 2 years got good opportunities. 


    Its only 6 months and I start missing Wipro want to be their back. I a heaven for Wase and Wista student go and Join although i join as a project engineer but the fact is wase and wista so go and join. 


    People who are crying because of work load are not meant to work anywhere, common guys you guys are paid for working not for sitting on bench. If you guys dont like to work and can't handle your own work than go and join compaines like TCS where 1 person work is done by 2-3 guys. 


    People who are coming from TCS will say comments like above.


    I really miss Wipro and soon will re-join Wipro. "Pround to be a wiproites" :)

  • 05 Feb 2016 12:30 am Guest

    Fuck Wipro! Worst Comapny ever. Managers are douchebags. Eat my balls you son of bitch!

  • 06 Mar 2016 8:03 pm Guest

    Hi Guys,

    Our indian management  worst. they work for their benfits. None have management qualities. 

  • 17 Mar 2016 7:51 pm Guest

    Hello I'm IT fresher, working in small scale software company as Java Developer, I got selected in wipro, should I join wipro as Project Engineer???? please suggest me??

  • 09 May 2016 3:43 pm Guest

    i got selected in wipro.. have 2 years of experience can i join or not

  • 19 May 2016 8:59 pm Guest

    Their name says it all W = (Wolves) I = (Ignorant) P =(Pricks) R (Rotten to the core) O =(Organisation)

  • 10 Jun 2016 3:12 pm Guest

    I worked there for half a year, didn't find much employee friendly. There, you were being asked to work on new & different assignments but never they will mentor you. You will be given a deadline but no one ask you how much time you would take. All good techie people have either left wipro or haven't joined. People working for wipro for quite a time (red tag holders, such a discrimination) will be given preference on everything be it onsite, salary hike, lead roles etc. For freshers I would suggest don't look for perks, salary, onsite etc. Join any company where you can learn and in wipro tech yes you can learn a lot.

    And last one good information for onsite aspirants is that their onsite package based on experience is very very less compared to same with TCS, Infosys, Accenture.

  • 11 Jun 2016 4:28 am Alisha Ali

    Wipro is worst place to work . It's pack of jokers place. If someone don't want to work and spend time in rest of life, just join wipro . Only correct attendance is important to them. They are least bothered even if you are unskilled .

  • 11 Jun 2016 2:40 pm Guest

    Can someone please review wipro's people ambassador program.

    It will also enroll me in EPGDBM(workforce management).

    My concern is that there will be a 3 year bond.


  • 21 Jul 2016 7:34 pm Guest

    After completing your Engineering if you get opportunity with India’s leading IT company then how will you feel?

    I need not to elaborate. I am sure you will be on cloud 9.


    This is mirage. It’s a honey trap which you should avoid. If you are willing to boost your carrier as an IT professional then this is the worst thing which can happen to you.

    I am elaborating what they actually do with freshers . First they will take you interviewed with multiple screening like:
    1. Reasoning, Aptitude, English Test.
    2. Coding Test
    3. Group Discussion
    4. Technical Interview
    5. HR Interview
    If you are lucky and eligible enough to pass these stages then they will release offer letters to you.

    Here comes the hidden truth.

    Now they will ask you to sign a Bond of amount Rs. 75000 as a training cost.
    You have to sign because after all this is the big name and you will also have reputation to make in your friend circle. Now After signing bond they will provide their so called training sessions where you will be trained in different domains.
    1. Networking,
    2. Java,
    3. AD servers, Exchange servers, Backup Server,
    4. Automation (Scripting),
    5. Operating Systems (Unix, Linux, Windows),
    6. Internet Of Things (rarest case),
    7. VOIP,
    8. ITIL Awareness,
    9. Virtualization (VMWare, Hypervisor, Oracle Virtual Box),
    And so on…………………………..
    One more thing I would like to mention: 
    They will also ask you to pass language proficiency test. I guess this is something convincing.
    They mean to say that what we have learn 4 years in our college is totally waste and they are giving training something special.
    Now after you complete your training successfully.

    Mark my words successfully, If you achieve more than 70% overall in their internal exam then you are declared as successfully completed your training and you will be awarded projects. You also have to pass some additional courses which you will never know why these?? These are nowhere applicable. Neither in business or in life.

    Guess next what !!!
    They will never ask your preferred location as you already have given before applying to job. They don’t care. They will send you where it is almost impossible to survive with their so called Industry standard salary. You will be provided company provided conveyance from your training location to your new location. They have their policy as if journey is more than 500 KM then you are entitled for Air Tickets** If You are late then they will tell you that due to shortage of fund we regret that you have to travel by bus or train. WTF??

    Now Any how you reach to your destination then they are providing you Rs. 1200 per day for accommodation and fooding allowance. For example they have sent you Mumbai from Bangalore. They will provide you Air Ticket if you are early otherwise they will send you via train And the shit don’t end up here they will ask you to book tickets on your own… 
    Now you arrive at Mumbai, Still you haven’t received any allowance and during training they are providing you a salary of $224.62 per month. This salary is quite less than that what an illetrate sweeper or 12th pass Cab driver is earning. Now the hotels are very expensive in Mumbai. You have to shift in Sub-Urban areas like Kalyan, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Panvel, etc. from these places you will find local train whose condition I need not to explain if you have only a little knowledge of local trains in Mumbai. You have to pay a sum of atleast 1000 Rs. for 24 hours, Now comes your fooding part. I am sure you are from different part of country and your eating habits would be different and you would like to eat your native food so It will cost you around Rs.150 for one time and this doesn’t include your local conveyance cost as you have to bear as you have to search some place to stay.

    At this point of time you haven’t received any allowance and you also don’t have savings. So you ask money from your parents. If you are the elder son of your family and the financial condition of the family is not good then you have to ask money from your friends or parents will arrange this money from anywhere because after all you are their son.

    Now what’s the point to stay there and do your job on your parent’s money which they arrange for your survival?
    But you have to stay as you are somehow greedy that you will receive the allowance and salary as well. Today is 31st and you are excited to get your salary. Here comes the surprise:
    Tomorrow is 1st and you are sure that you will receive salary but there is a holiday and you will receive salary on 2nd. I mean seriously this is the condition of India’s 3rd Largest IT Company.
    Now on 2nd you receive your full salary but what is this??
    You were told that you have a package of 3 LPA so you have to receive Rs. 25000 per month but now you will have 20,100 Rs in your hand then you are overwhelmed what’s going on here. You will ask clarification on this and they will tell you explanation:

    CTC: Cost to company 25000 /- (per month)
    Gross: You actual income 23187 /- (per month)
    Take away salary. 20100 /- (per month)

    Now you are trying to heal up. 10 days gone, you have spent almost 15000 rupees and you are null, you have to pay back your loan which you ask from your well-wishers. Now another blow comes in suddenly, you came to know that you have to apply for that compensation of 12000 rupees. (you are 3000 rupees in negative and still homeless) Now once you apply for that allowance your HR will take almost 1 week to approve it and you will receive amount after 10 days of your application.

    Now you are searching homes.

    In Mumbai it is a big task to have home (flat only forget about bungalows) the minimum flat (1 BHK) you will get cost you around 70,000 rupees initially and then 10,000 rupees per month. This is really a big amount.
    Still you are in free pool or not billable. You are having almost no work than they a lot you randomly project which seriously is of no concern.
    You heal up with your financial crisis now ready for mental torcher:

    You are sent to your concerned customer team. There you have to follow all the rules and regulations of your customer along with your parent company. Now they will ask you come in shifts (rotational shifts) as you are machine and the worst part is that they will not allow you to enter in production environment, even you will not have your own PC.

    You are not working on any technology and the manager and the team is asking you some reports and some monitoring that’s it. You are Okay with this even if you don’t like. Now suddenly after 2 months they ask you log tickets and take responsibility of service desk. Now this is what you have wasted your 4 years of Engineering, Their so called trainings on different technologies.

    Now is it your dream Job??????

    ASK YOURSELF Honestly!

  • 05 Aug 2016 6:15 pm brent james

    You are very true ,Wipro is very good but Managers are full of politics ,full of poverd people and raceists.Wipro is recruiting people in South Africa ,but Most of the Managers are from offshore so Managers doesn't grow local employees.Managers wantedly hide local employee performance ,they make all policies in favour of offshore people.Wipro leads are very poverd they don't respect juniors and they speak rubbish all the time. 

  • 08 Aug 2016 1:52 am Guest

    Yes as written above Wipro is the worst company to join as a fresher. They will ruined your life and your life will become like a hell.After this all bad things you will be in doubt whether to leave the organisation or not as you have no other job in hand.

    In Wipro they have two parts Wipro Technology and Wipro Infotech.Firstly they hire you in Wipro Technology which handles outside projects. And without your permission they will assign to Wipro Infotech project and forced you to accept the project.After accepting the project in Wipro Infotech they will send you to work at client loction, not in wipro office.They will not provide you cabs and asked you to come in nights shifts also.In Wipro infotech most of the projects are support project.The worst part which add here is that you will be hire for 3 lakh ctc but in hand they will provide 20000 per month.

    And last do not even think to accept project in Wipro for Mumbai location.You will join as Project Engineer but having an engineering degree you will be handle by a BSC guy who do not even now how to talk.And you will get frustrated.

  • 24 Aug 2016 9:12 pm Guest

    Worst person in Wipro is Ramesh Babu Nadella.. He can go to any limit to spoil your career and even if you raise an ombuds case. Ombuds team will do nothing. I was in Wipro for 3 years and this guy spoiled my career. The one whose project is getting ramp down, he will give the lowest rating which means for next 2 years he / she cannot get progression. Unfortunate part is none of the authority in Wipro is taking action against him. Pathetic company.. Pathetic Manager. Good I left the company

  • 31 Aug 2016 6:52 pm Guest

    Add Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) in same category of WIPRO....Worst to the core...  Please don't join (CSC) ..

  • 27 Sep 2016 5:43 pm Guest

    Hi All, 

    As an ex empolyye of wipro tech I would not recommend this company to anyone.
    I would consider the following points to be noted before you join wipro:

    1) The managers are big time assholes, Most of them are not even MBA or they don't know people skills, All they know is how to dominate employees and make them work like a bitch. They think that any Junior employee ( Like the TRB - team rainbow or B1 Level employee doesn't have any say)
    They treat you like shit, and if you even say a thing about it... You are gone. They will make your life hell.

    Personally I don't have any problem in working for long hours or anything related to work but when It comes to the anual appraisal which happens once a year ( Name suggest ) then the manager would say that you have don't what was expected out of you.
    Don' dont understand your point or they wont see the comments you have marked in the appraisal form, They decide before itself that how much hike sould be given to each and every employee as per there mind. no matter how hard you have performed in past or how efficiently you handeled clients.
    Managers are the main reason for wipro to be like this.
    As all the decisions are always taken by the higher management which always gets implimented in the organisation.
    If managers are good and they know how to handel people then anyone or everyone can work with maximum efficiency.
    but here most of the managers are BA or BSC.
    they don't even know what is management. All they know is stupid wipro pollicies and how to do the politics inside the organisation to save there asses.

    I would consider people who got good manager in wipro as the most luckies people.

    Rest of the cons are already discussed by other people in this thread. 


  • 19 Oct 2016 11:39 pm Guest

    Yes, Wipro is the worstest company and I too recommend you people not to join the company even if you have no other option also. The most unfortunate and biggest drawback of the company is its stupid, idiot and foolish managers. They dont even know any thing like how to manage a team of people and they become managers. Worst manager in Wipro is Ravinder Potharaboina from Wipro HYD. He is a real stupid and now in a higher position drawing a salary of 2 L per month. He screwed up my whole career in Wipro. Thank god that i left this company.

  • 18 Nov 2016 11:37 pm Guest

    Guys who are supporting wipro are the biggest mother fuckers as they are the ones who has spoiled the company. It is the worst company i have ever experienced. It is a bloody hell and it will dissappear one day due to all the foolish and jibberish employees it has hired in the top positions.....fuck you wipro....fuck you .....MF

  • 01 Dec 2016 7:09 pm Guest

    Please dont join in Wipro as a Contract Employee. Very less pay 6000 worst forever for Network Administrator as a Contractor. How can a employee survive with that salary in Metropolitian Cities. They ask moeny from home for food. If you worked as a BPO you will get 15K - 20K. They dont respect Contract Employes. No one is promoted to core employee. The management treated contract employees are animals. My better suggestion is to join in any other companies like accenture, Cognizant and Capgemini. (Maintech Technologies Payroll) Becaues they pay minimum 15000 take home salary, Periodical Hike is there and more choices to promoted as a core employee.

    Finally, my suggestion is dont join in wipro as a contract (vendor) payroll.


    Advice to Management: Please treat all employees are equal. Contractors are also human beigs not animals.

  • 28 Dec 2016 12:34 pm David William

    Why what happen in Wipro company . These company are MNC and their rule and regulation are best.

  • 11 Jan 2017 4:32 am Guest

    Shady business practices and horribly unprofessional recruiters recruiter. For starters, if you are calling people in the US for a job, learn to speak clearly and make sure your are understood, NOT mumble through your sentence and expect people to reply to your email to confirm. THEN your agree on a rate and then later try to change it or have 20 other colleagues call your from different affiliate companies try to catch you off guard with lower rates or confuse you. You guys are very unprofessional in your approach and with your follow through. You are dealing with peoples jobs and livelihood so have so couth and respect .

  • 16 Jan 2017 7:20 pm Sankalpa Garud

    1)They recruit WASE ains in lakhs, WASEIANS are given highest priority when arises the question of joining date

    2)If you are an engineer and you respect your education then please do not attend Wipro interviews

    3)If you are an engineer and complete 4 years in wipro, by the time you are in fourth year of your career but you package being and engineer will be less than the so called WASEians(WASE ians are the BSC BCS BCA graduate who qualify BITS PILANI exams by open book tests since they complete 3 years education their age is < than 4 year graduate engineers

    4)now the 4 year graduate engineer who does not get any hike for 4 years being loyal to wipro leaves the company there are no promotions for engineers

    5)BSC gradutes enrolled to WASE program get immediate promotions in the fifth year they are promoted to B2

    6)WASEians get immediate onsite opportunities

    7)No project manager can fire them

    8)they are safe even if their billable status is non billable

    9)now coming to the project in which I worked it was telifonica O2 Juliet Choudhary the project manager the most aggressive lady had sexually harassed me

    How I can claim to be a victim

    In oct 2011 before Diwali there were some games organized in ODC(Offshore Delivery Centre) Wipro Campus

    -Juliet was not the ODC manager

    -She had not taken any written permission from then manager

    -She was B3 associate but had occupied half cabin

    -When the then ODC manager was busy in client meeting she started with the games

    -What was the game?

    -She handed over her used lipstick asked us to apply it on our lips and kiss a blank paper as many times as possible and the one who has more number of kisses is the winner

    -I opposed this game as it is non verbal unacceptable conduct which could denigrate me

    -Then she said if you are unwilling to do this then pay me a sum of x rupees, although she rejected the payment condition later but then made me dance on sheela ki jawani song

    I narrated the incidenct to my wife, sister and mother all three said that this incidence falls under sexual harashment category.

    also my observations says that provoking someone to play such games is as good as spoiling the work environement, cultivating vulnerable atmosphere or situations inside the Wipro campus, also this was against COBC policy I could have raised an Ombuds but I have always forgiven.

    We forgive that does not mean people are alright

    10)She literally butchered me slaughtered me tortured me for the sake of performance

    11)and when did she realize that I am an under performer it took 2.5 years for her to conclude this just before flying to onshore she with Pallavi Jivtode and Navdeep Thakur started pin pointing my mistakes

    12)When I revolted against this then everyone started realizing that I am handpicked by Gummalla Srinivas Rao for onsite opportunity this is what Kiran the former employee at Wipro thought

    13)Gummalla Srinivas Rao asked me were your tortured in your college life or is this the first time that in an MNC you are getting tortured, In Germany I had drooped an email to HR about all this happenings then Suresh Kallage pretended that he was not aware what was going on in his account

    14)In a hurry Suresh closed this matter the then HR was Pronyt Melvin

    15) Wipro targets people by mapping them to UCF bands and I was supposed to write an exam for QTP and QC when I was working in OSS BSS telecom domain I was using IBM rational tools for test management

    16)Juliet troubled me to sanction the leaves

    17)Our joining was delayed by 18 months due to global slowdown I joined wipro in jan 2010

    18) we were 2008 pass outs that is mostly 1986 born, waseians 2008 pass outs 1987 born 2009 pass outs 1988 born 2010 pass outs 1989 born imagine we were brought down to the level of BSC graduates who were 2010 pass outs they succeded in getting promotion on time but I was still struggling to get single digit hike

    19)When Azim premji announced 8% average hike I received 0% hike

    20)Wipro in itself is big lobby only contacts matter

    21)Mostly telgu and kannad speaking employees are managers and south Indians are preferred for onsite opportunities

    22)In case of Telifonica O2 the trend is changed Navdeep being north indian now Sharmas kapoors and Singhs are preferred

    23)Its a total mess

    24)If you are and engineer then never join but yes if you are BSC BCA BCS passout then Wipro is paradise for you

    25)One thing forgot to mention Juliet Choudhary called me a DUMBO she used  to make pugnacious gestures stamp her feet clap with bump of her hand ask for food every now and then ask for sodexo coupons to sponsor her pizza party check our tiffins on regular basis demanded sweets from us

  • 12 Apr 2017 4:11 am Guest

    Hi Guys, I got seperated from wipro recently, to be honest I wasn't really good experience for me there. I was with wipro for 3 years and it sucked. Lot of my batchmates quit and some of them are leaving but few of them are good and happy. there are not really great projects in wipro. There is no scope for learning. it all depends upon the project you get into. after a time it becomes monotonus. very few will be lucky to get agood project. For a fresher considering Wipro if you don't have any options take it.Please try for other companies as well. don't get your hopes up with wipro. wipro has hardly any learning scope

  • 25 Apr 2017 8:24 pm Guest

    Wipro is not so much a career choice as it is an act of desperation. If you absolutely have no choice take a job there, but continue looking.

    It's the closest thing you know to what slavery is. The only thing worse than the pay is the hours you'll work. Last year I worked all but two weekends. Things are put in your queue and scheduled without anyone asking or checking if you already have something scheduled - work or personal. I am often double and triple booked for doing critical changes at the same time, only to find out at the last minute. There is no work/life balance. You will work and have no life.

    Projects are more "firefighting" than normal project planning. Technical skills are lower than the pay rate would account for. Their concern is billing and not results. This makes the work environment horrible to work in and the results are usually more about luck than skill and planning.

    If you are a company considering using Wipro, I would not fall for the sales pitch. It's all lies. The hope is that once settled in and the A team handles your migration in, the B team - make that the F-minus team - will be handling your servers. Everything is done on the cheap and using Wipro is a false economy. Long-term customers are those that have simple systems and low expectations. If you were to factor in downtime and lost opportunity you would find that the attractive pricing is not that appealing. They have a mom-and-pop corner store business mentality.

    They will also eventually get tagged for their business financial dealings. Enough said on that but they play Russian Roulette and as it always does in the end, they will lose.

    Clueless on how real business runs, Wipro Service Delivery Managers, and Project Managers will be reactive and not really manage the service levels provided. They come and go with a greater regularity than project completion.

    All in all, Wipro is a disaster and both employees and clients are short-changed by Wipro. Hopefully, they will go the way of others of the same business caliber. 

  • 12 Jun 2017 10:53 am Candidate

    After reading all the remarks about Wipro, I've decided to turn down their offer....Did I make the right choice? Any thoughts. Thanks in advance.

  • 06 Jul 2017 8:44 pm Guest

    Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations&outright lies being penned by an unprincipled showman masquerading as an employee

  • 07 Jul 2017 9:09 pm Sankalpa Garud

    Unfortunately India does not have any law system to reveal the truth about whats going in private companies, very nice dear guest copy cat of Mehdi Hasan.

  • 13 Aug 2017 8:42 am P Das

    No institute can gurantee 100% placement after giving SAP Training

    If they are saying this it is not true. Please check this.

    Check the quality of the SAP teachers of the institutes. If they are not real time consultant then it is useless to learn from them. Always learn from real time consultant. They can only teach you on real time scenarios in actual business environment.

    Sometimes institutes claim that they will give you project. This is absolutley not possible. They are not SAP authorised to give you project. Please try to avoid them. 

    For any suggestion and consultation regarding SAP Training please send your queries in the following email id :

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