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SAP PPM (Portfolio and Project Management)

Definition or Meaning - What is SAP PPM?

Full form or SAP PPM stands for (Portfolio and Project Management), Portfolio Management basically refers to the integration of information from the existing systems related finance, human resources along with project management meant for providing a description of the entire portfolio of the project. With the help of all of this information the portfolio managers, project managers and resource managers are able to get a deep dive down regarding the various details related to the project. Information which is inventive, combined as well as cross functional in nature is enabled by virtue of using Project management.

Upon utilizing SAP (PPM) the users can get benefitted to a very large extent by investing in the right resources in the right projects which enable the advancement of the strategies along with fulfilling the task in the relevant work, on schedule and within budget.

A whole list of activities related to Project Management are covered which range right from planning to implementation, development and consultancy projects, to project completion. Project management even provides a strong support system to organizations and offers to help them grow their project management excellence by providing a solid base and offers a wide range of options related to integrating, new product development, consulting and IT projects.

  • By virtue of using project Management users can better manage phase-based development projects.
  • In Portfolio Management the various key aspects related to monitoring project status, portfolio management, which encompasses information related to project resources -and can help you manage your project portfolio more efficiently and this enables you to seamlessly integrate with each other and offers optimal management tools.

In SAP PPM Decision points, phases, tasks, check list, Initiatives, Items, Projects, Phases, and Checklist Items are all available.

Advantages of Using SAP Portfolio and Project Management (PPM)

  • By using SAP PPM users can align key objectives with initiatives and thereby increasing the overall value of their businesses.
  • The module increase transparency leading to increased project anomalies risks thus permitting mid-course changes.
  • Resource utilization is considerably improved upon using SAP PPM (Portfolio and Project Management) as the module permits the users to prioritize, capture along with matching the appropriate demand against the supply.
  • The module allows the users to streamline and enforce the approvals meant for funding, gate decisions, which is even applicable for ongoing evaluations.
  • SAP PPM considerable reduces the TCO which come in with pre-built services which can be integrated for dispiriting the back end systems.
  • SAP PPM allows users to identify risks, areas of opportunities, bottlenecks and work accordingly.
  • The module has been proved to be an agile process meant for the review-able and adaptation of portfolios.
  • The module permits users to keep a regular track of their product portfolio.

SAP PPM has been proved to be a module which provides an opportunity to all its users to make the right decisions at the right time!