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SAP SLT Configuration Re-Creation

Updated May 18, 2018

How to re-create SLT configuration?

We want to recreate an SLT configuration, so we have to remove SLT system in advance. 

How can we do the same?

If you just delete the configuration in the Configuration & Monitoring Dashboard of SLT system, you will not be able to recreate the configuration, because the SLT system becomes an inconsistent state.

When you create an SLT configuration, you need to define a Configuration Name. This name is also used for the automatically created replication schema and replication user on the HANA System.

You can remove the specific SLT configuration safely following the steps below:

  • in the Data Provisioning of HANA Studio select the source system which you want to delete its configuration, and then stop all load/replication processes.
  • in the Configuration & Monitoring Dashboard select the configuration and stop the master job in tab page Job and Connections.
  • in HANA Studio delete the replication user with option "Cascade", the replication schema will be deleted together.
  • in the Configuration & Monitoring Dashboard delete the configuration.

After that you can recreate the SLT configuration. If you don't want to recreate the SLT configuration but want to retain some replicated tables, you need to copy these tables to another schema before step 3.