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Is the a report to show blocked stock with a shelf life?

Durtee Swampwitch || 05 Apr 2013 7:24 am || 1

Right now I need to run MB52 and MB5B and use a Vlookup to get the informaion needed.  Is there a qiucker way?


  • 21 May 2013 8:32 am
    For this you have to configure inspection type 09.

    1) Define Inspection Interval in QM material master view.

    2) In QM material master view, inspection setup activate 09 inspection type (tick on active)

    3) Make quality plan for that material using '09' usage.

    4) In QA05 , define a variant

    5) select that defined variant and put that material, plant and batch. please tick on " to inspection lot creation" (in maintain variant screen). If you don't do this lot will not be generated.

    6) select the variant and then press schedule tab.

    7) click on schedule one / periofically and select the desired frequency.

    8) as per defined frequency system will that program and lot will be generated automatically. If you want to generate lot immediately.

    9) check the effect of this on that batch, in MSC2N system will display next inspection interval based on data you maintained.

    10) In QA32 put material, batch and 09 type, the lot will be displayed.

    11) tick on block stock in variant to move the stock to block stock when expiry date will come.

    Also refer Inspection type 09 process

    T code/Report :

    T.code MB5M You can find remaining Self life


    Execute BMBC --> Go to Shelf - life expiration date tab --> Enter Remaining shelflife in days ,if required select check boxes --> Execute.