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How Can I Reprint A Recount in Warehouse Management Inventory?

Guest || 29 Jul 2014 8:28 pm || 1

Hello SAP Guru,

How can I reprint a recount in Warehouse Management inventory? If you'll tell me it would be good help for me to manage items in inventory?


  • Sonia Barwar
    19 Jan 2015 6:37 pm

    When someone get to know about the conclusion of the inventory count then he may notify to the system that there are some discrepancies in counted quantity and the book inventory. He need to document all these discrepancies in warehouse management therefore, he can show the real stock in the storage bins. And for this a process needs to take place that is given as follow:

    1.In first step of this process he need to submit inventory conclusions along with a discrepancy in counted quantity and the book inventory.

    2.In second step he need to show a list of discrepancies.

    3.And in third step he need to execute a reprint of items into the system inventory for which the discrepancies are extraordinary high.

    4.Now in forth step he need to reprint the warehouse inventory list and recount the storage bins within the warehouse. And for this step one need to choose physical inventory then inventory document and after that print from the WM Menu Bar. On the very first screen he need to enter the version number of the recount along with the warehouse number and system inventory record. And just after this choose Continue.

    5.Submit the concluded result of the recount.

    6.Now in sixth step close the inventory.

    7.In the last step he needs to clear the discrepancies form the WM and document them into IM element.