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SAP CRM Marketing Attributes (Attributes and Attribute Sets)

In this let us see how we can create a attribute and assign the attribute to the attribute set and assign the attribute set to the BP’s marketing attributes. We need this to group the customer using the segment builder and run a marketing campaign with this information.

For example

If you are a credit card company and if bunch of your customers are traveling abroad then you can create a attribute name as International traveler with value YES or NO. Every time if your customer spends some money outside your country using your card you can automatically update International traveler as YES. Later you can target that group of customers with attribute International traveler with value YES for low exchange rate for international traveler or low interest rate if they buy ticket thru your company using your credit card(you can use the segment builder to create a group using the marketing attributes).

from the above example you should be able to understand why we need the marketing attribute. There is no coding at all. All of them are config. This is wonderful.

Creating an Attribute:

Transaction Code to create an Attribute is: CRMM_ROUT_PROF_CHAR

The following screen should show you how to create a attribute.

SAP CRM Marketing Attributes Creating an Attribute


SAP CRM Marketing Attributes Creating an Attribute

In the above screen you can create the attribute with what ever format you want. (Number or character, etc). You can even make the attribute as a required field (if you attach this attribute to a business partner then it becomes a required field).

you can have a attribute as single value for each BP(single field) or multiple value for a BP(like table , table can hold more than one value for the same attribute.)


Creating an Attribute Set:

Transaction Code to create an Attribute set is: CRMD_PROF_TEMPL.

SAP CRM Marketing Attributes Creating an Attribute Set

Attribute set can hold more than one attribute. This attribute set is used as marketing attribute to assign to BP.


You can define usage of the attribute set. Only for BP type person or Organization or both.

for example you have a attribute set with attribute like Private or public company . this attribute is only valid to Business not to individual person so all you need to select this attribute is for Organization.

In the above example I am having only one attribute. You can have multiple attribute.

As soon as we have the attribute set we are ready to assign this attribute set to the Business Partner.

Assigning the attributes to the BP:

Transaction Code to create an Business Partner is: BP.

in the BP creation screen go to the marketing attribute tab and select the attribute set that we created and assign that to the BP.

Please see the following screen for the information.

SAP CRM Marketing Attributes Assigning the attributes to the BP

With the above information we can assign the Marketing attributes to the BP and assign the values to the attribute.

This attributes will help is in the future to group all the BP with certain value in the attribute using the segment builder. Let us see the segment builder in another post.


  • 09 Sep 2009 11:13 am Guest
    Good Inforamtion.
    I have a specific question, is there any option to change the Data Type (Format) once the Marketing Attribute is created, for example if MARTTR1 is set to Numeric, but later stage, it needs to be changed to character.
    Can we do it through Config or is there any FM present for this ?
    Thanks in advance