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SAP FIORI Interview Questions

Updated Dec 12, 2020

1. What is SAP Fiori?

Ans. SAPUI5 is a client-side HTML5 rendering framework or library and SAP FIORI is collection of and released as waves of applications that are completely based on SAPUI5 framework. It means we can create applications using the SAPUI5 framework and SAP FIORI is the final product i.e. application.

2. Difference between SAP UI5 and SAP FIORI?

Ans. SAP FIORI is a collection of standard applications based on SAPUI5 library provided by SAP. SAP FIORI applications share some standard design guidelines and the way in which these applications are developed. Currently, more than 500 FIORI applications are available freely.

4. What is FIORI Launchpad and Explain it?

Ans. As we know there are more than 500 FIORI applications, SAP has provided a Shell or single point place from where we can access all the applications. This serves as a home page for all the FIORI applications provided to. This shows tile-based UI where every UI redirects to assigned FIORI application. This Launchpad is fully customizable according to your needs like theming and all.

Ans. SAP Fiori Transactional Apps configuration steps:

  1. Configuring SAP Web Dispatcher specifies routing rules to define which URL is forwarded to which system is done for both Transactional Apps and Factsheets.
  2. Only needs to be configured for Factsheets. If we just have to configure Transactional Apps we can skip step 2.
  3. The Third Step is configuring the front-end server and this is done for both Transactional Apps and Factsheets. At high level we need to configure:
    1. SAP NetWeaver Gateway
    2. The Central UI Add-Ons (Launchpad Configuration)
    3. Product Specific Add-Ons
  4. The fourth step is configuring the back-end server and this is done for both Transactional Apps and Factsheets.

Viewing from a high level – Roles, Users, and Authorizations

Note − Transactional Apps can run on any DB whereas the Factsheets must run on SAP Hana.

Ans. In NetWeaver Gateway Central Hub deployment − UI layer and SAP NetWeaver gateway is contained in the ABAP Front-end server. The ABAP back end server contains business logic and back end data. Separating business logic and back end data from the UI layer has below advantages:

  • Single Point of maintenance for UI issues- such as browser support and updated version of SAP UI5 libraries.
  • The central place for theming and branding SAP Fiori Apps.
  • The routing and composition of multiple backend systems are supported.
  • Single Point of access to backend systems and enhanced security because of no direct access to the backend system.
  • SAP recommends Central Hub deployment, especially for the Productive environment. A separate NetWeaver Gateway system is required.

Ans. By implementing SAP Single Sign-On, your apps become automatically available after just one initial user authentication at the user's Windows desktop, with no need for further log-on procedures.

Kerberos technology is the method of choice in intranet scenarios for SSO. It simply re-uses your Windows domain authentication for single sign-on.

X.509 certificates provide a viable option for creating a secure SSO infrastructure if you're considering extending single sign-on to an extranet or cross-company scenario.