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Fiori Interview Questions

SAP Fiori FAQ's

List the difference between SAP FIORI and SAP UI5?

SAP FIORI is known as a collection of standard applications which are based on SAPUI5 library listed by SAP. SAP FIORI applications lists few standard design guidelines and way in which these application are developed. At present there are more than 500 FIORI applications which are freely available.

What are various Design Principles in SAP Fiori ?

There are 5 design principles we need to keep in mind while designing SAP Fiori applications.

  • Delightful
  • Simple
  • Coherent.
  • Responsive
  • Role-Based

Can a FIORI application be customized?

Yes, there are many number of ‘enhancement points’ which permit the user to modify the Fiori application and still remain safe when performing upgrades.

List the various app launched tile types in SAP Fiori?

  • Static – Displays the redefined static content (text, icon).
  • Dynamic – Reflects the numbers which can be read dynamically.
  • News Tile – allows the user to flips through news messages as per the configuration of the tile.
  • KPI Tile − displays KPI’s on a real time basis.

What are the skills required to study the SAP Fiori application considering several clients include ABAP resources presented to them?

The important skill sets for the SAP Fiori application are around SAPUI5 (JavaScript), OData and some awareness of the web development. Besides the other skills, which are helpful to aware, are HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and general web development.

List the various Config step present in SAP Fiori

The Config steps of SAP Fiori application are broadly categorized into two different parts. They are

  • Config of Transaction Applications and Fact Sheets
  • Config of Analytical Applications

Prior to configuring anything on Fiori applications, it is imperative to install the entire infrastructure for the SAP Fiori applications. Once, the installation is successfully completed, the user can take the configuration activities on the front-end servers as well as on the back-end servers.

How to customize of UI Technologies in SAP Fiori?

Use transaction code /UI2/CUST .

Define FIORI Launchpad?

As we are already aware that there are hundreds of FIORI applications, SAP has already provided the users a Shell or single point place from where the users can easily access the all the applications.

This point acts as a home page for all the FIORI applications provided to. The SAP Fiori launchpad enables the user in specifying the same application is launched in various views or modes, all depending on the role of the end user.

Define Semantic object in Fiori?

Semantic object refers to a business entity for instance a sales order, a customer, or can even be a product. By utilizing the semantic objects, the user can bundle applications which represent a specific scenario. They even permit the user to refer to objects in a standardized way, which is abstracting from concrete implementations of these objects.

The user can either use semantic objects shipped by SAP, or simply create new objects which are semantic in type.

Can user keys for Fiori apps?

By enabling the option to show keys in the SAP GUI affects any app launched from the Fiori Launchpad which means calling a transaction against the WebGUI (SAP GUI for HTML). For Web Dynpro or native Fiori apps there is no default option to show keys. Developers of native apps can choose to provide customization for field labels on a per-app basis, however there is no global option for this.

Can the user enable automatic login for Fiori Client?

No the user cannot enable automatic login to Fiori Client, as SAP doesn't consider it as a secure solution, however there is a way which is similar, but it's only possible for Android and iOS and incase multi-user is not enabled.

'Transaction ME23N is unknown' error hile configuring "Display Purchase Order" FIORI App on S/4 HANA 1610?

Validate the catalog which entails the Display Purchase Order tile and under its target mapping check which system alias its utilizing. It is advised that the user must make sure that he has a RFC Destination of type H with the same name with suffix _HTTPS (for e.g. if the System Alias encompasses the value S4FIN and then creates the destination with the name S4FIN_HTTPS) created on your front-end gateway system pointing to the back end system.

In the Fiori launchpad, what is the purpose of the T-code LPD_CUST?

The T-code LPD_CST, entails a list of all Fiori Launchpads(Standard[] and the custom[] created ones) which entails the Fiori app URLs,copy,edit,Transport, provided System Alias etc.

How to remove letter boxing in a UI5 app?

In your index.html you should be able to set this:

new sap.m.Shell({
appWidthLimited: false,
app: new sap.ui.core.ComponentContainer({

What is UI5 Theme designer?

Theme Designer enable user to maintain a consistent, central theme i.e. User Interface of applications user is using. For specific CSS changes which need to be performed for other applications should be handled in the local application CSS.

The advantage of a custom theme through theme designer is in case any changes are made in that theme, it will be seen across all the applications.
The user can maintain multiple custom themes in theme designer and apply accordingly. However, generally one custom theme is maintained, and rest are handled locally.

For the sap Hana on premise edition, how can the user create fiori overview page application in sap webide?

  • User should follow the listed path: In the settings-->features, please check if Additional Fiori Elements is enabled.
  • User can also create a New HTML5 Module inside his MTA project and here select Overview Page template.
  • User is required to validate in case there are any filters which cause the template to be not seen at this step.

How can user activate as well as maintain OData service in SAP Fiori?

  • Select "Add Service".
  • Enter the relevant system alias. If required, user can use a filter.
  • In the list, user selects those services that he wants to be activated and appropriately select "Add Selected Services".
  • User enter a prefix for your service and model names, for instance Z and enter a valid package and selects Enter.

A list of all the services which have been created are displayed, alongwith with a status indicator (green for successful execution).

How to utilize a Fiori Client application with a supported VPN solution?

Pulse secure is a supported VPN solution and this can be utilized without installing any additional application over Fiori Client.


  • Use iOS platform
  • Use Pulse Secure server
  • Create a custom Fiori Client
  • Use SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) 3.0 OData Runtime

In SAP Fiori, explain the usage of Odata ?

SAP Fiori apps uses OData for displaying and updating data in backend. OData is a standardized protocol which is meant for creating and consuming data APIs. OData builds on core protocols like HTTP along with commonly accepted methodologies, for instance REST.