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SAP GUI for Windows: All SAP GUI windows disappear

Updated May 18, 2018

When a termination occurs in the front end (Dr. Watson, memory protection error, and so on) the current session terminates and all GUI windows are exited.

The SAP GUI architecture changed in Release 6.10 so that all sessions run as threads of the same process (SAPLOGON.EXE). If an error that cannot be handled occurs in a thread, the process and consequently all sessions terminate.
The new architecture uses far fewer system resources.

Only those SAP logons that are initiated via SAP Logon are managed as threads of the process SAPLOGON.EXE.
If a GUI is started via a command line (sapgui.exe ...) or a SAP shortcut, a new process (SAPGUI.EXE) is started for this logon.