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Users can discuss any topic with other people weather inside or outside their workplace.

In other words, we can also say that SAP Jam is like Facebook or any other social media platform where people can share their views or information

But in SAP Jam only SAP related people can share their opinions, views, suggestions and information in the field of SAP. In short, we can say SAP Jam makes the work of information or document sharing simple.

In the free version of SAP JAM, you cannot make any changes; currently, only the paid enterprise version allows this functionality.

SAP Jam Login screen

Features of SAP JAM

Some important features of SAP Jam are as follows:

  1. Some of the important features of SAP JAM are
  2. User Profiles
  3. Groups
  4. Video
  5. Screen Recordings
  6. Microblogging
  7. Social Docs
  8. Wikis
  9. Blogs
  10. Photos
  11. Link Sharing
  12. Mobile etc.

On the Jam-How-To-Video page you can get detailed information about these features and much more.

Select Help option from the user menu.

13. SAP Jam offers numerous ways to share and broadcast information with your colleagues either from your public group, private group, or from the home feed

14. The Home feed is public and viewable by anyone who follows you and can access your profile or from a private group.

1. Public Group

Public groups can be viewed and followed by anyone.

2. Private Group

Private groups require invitations in order to access and view group information.

3. SAP Jam improves productivity by reducing the communication gap between the teams. You can connect with the outside world and discuss your problems and take their valuable inputs to improve productivity.

4. As video is one of the fastest-growing social learning options, SAP Jam offers several ways to use this powerful tool. You can upload an existing video and share it with everyone.

Click on the Upload button to upload the video you want to share with others.

You can also record videos with your computer webcam or with a mobile device to share with others.

Click on the Record button.

You can also capture video from your computer screen by clicking the Screen Capture button.

5. There is a dedicated workspace where department, project or team specific material can be uploaded, created and can be referenced at any time.

6. SAP Jam makes business collaboration and social learning simple. You can collaborate with your team without any help of the IT department.
Just by creating a group and selecting a suitable work template that supports your work better.

7. You can invite the people whom you want to work with  individually  or using a dynamic member list.

8. As per your  collaboration needs you can also customize the overview page with features for your needs.

9. You can also securely collaborate outside organizational boundaries by just adding external people to your group and control information access.

10. You can share files and information such as media files, Wiki pages or blogs and so on, to keep everyone on the same page without any version management issues.

11.You can use the Explore tab to see the most liked, most viewed and featured content among the groups and colleagues you followed. It also provides options such as unlike, ratings and comments.

12. SAP Jam has a powerful search feature which allows you to find the result fast.

13. You can stay updated on what's going on in your field in real time by getting notifications and message alerts.

14. SAP Jam  is available on mobile. It means you can access your content on the go. You can access it anywhere and on any device such as iPhone,  Android,  iPad etc. So that you can make timely decisions having all information, experts views and functions readily available while you're travelling.

15. SAP Jam supports multiple languages such as English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese,  Russian,  Spanish etc which make it suitable for global workspace.

16. SAP Jam has limits on the number of groups and company wide storage. On the other hand JAM premier has no limits on number of group creation and virtually unlimited storage.

17. With SAP Jam you can also integrate with your favourite sites such as Facebook,  Microsoft SharePoint, Google calendar, Twitter, Youtube etc.

In short we can say SAP Jam  provides  a secure digital workplace to get the job done. It provides the right information at the right time to improve efficiency and productivity.