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Best 40 SAP XI Certification Interview Questions and Answers

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Best 40 SAP XI Certification Interview Questions and Answers

1. Which of the following belong the Process Integration stack of SAP Netweaver

a) Integration broker
b) Business Process Management
c) Multi channel Access
d) Collaboration

2. Loosely coupled applications communicate by
a) FTP 
b) SMTP 
c) RFC 
d) XML Messaging

3. The components of the integration builder

a) Integration Repository 
b) Exchange profile 
c) Integration Directory 
d) Deployment manager

4. The standard to which SLD adheres

a) CIM 
b) BPEL 
c) MIME 

5. Adapter framework is based on

a) RMI 
b) JCA 
c) JRFC 
d) JSP

6. Runtime Workbench offers central monitoring view of

a) Components 
b) Processes 
c) Messages 
d) All the above

7. Integration processes are built using the standard

a) SOAP 
b) DML 
c) BPEL 
d) All the above

8. Software product belongs to which dimension of SLD

a) Technical 
b) Solution 
c) Transport 
d) All the above

9. The association between the WebAS ABAP technical system and its business system is based on

a) Host name 
b) System ID 
c) Installed Clients 
d) Installed Products

10. The information from the software catalog is used in the repository to

a) Organize the contents 
b) Create Interfaces 
c) Meta data update 
d) Update catalog

11. Development objects in the Integration repository are organized by

a) Package 
b) Modules 
c) Namespace 
d) Container

12. The direction of an abstract interface
a) Inbound 
b) Outbound 
c) Abstract 
d) All the above

13. ABAP proxies are created in transaction 
d) None

14. Which of the following mappings can be edited in the Integration Repository

a) Java 
b) Message Mapping 
c) ABAP 

15. The Collaboration Profile objects are

a) Party 
b) Service 
c) Communication channel 
d) None

16. Collaboration Agreement is used for

a) Channel binding 
b) Routing 
c) Conversion 
d) Protocol check 
17. A business process can send or receive message using

a) Abstract Interfaces 
b) Inbound Interfaces 
c) Outbound Interfaces 
d) All the above

18. Which of the following is a tool in the Integration Directory 

a) Configuration Assistant 
b) Schema Builder 
c) Proxy Generator 
d) None

19. Value mapping tables are maintained in

a) Integration Repository 
b) System Landscape Directory 
c) Integration Directory 
d) Runtime Workbench

20. The below icon represents
a) Partner 
b) Receiver Determination 
c) Business System 
d) Receiver Agreement

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21. XI content represents

a) Design content 
b) Configuration content 
c) Adapter Meta data 
d) All the above

22. The XI uses an SAP-specific implementation of

a) SOAP 
b) HTTP 
c) SMTP 

23. Technically an XI message is sent as a

a) Multipart-MIME document 
b) Text message 
c) RFC message 
d) Binary file

24. Which of the following is not a pipeline step   (all)

a) Receiver Identification 
b) Call Adapter 
c) Message Branch 
d) Interface determination

25. The SAP Web Application Server version 6.20 or above has a built-in

a) Integration Engine 
b) Messaging System 
c) Adapter Engine 
d) Mapping Runtime

26. The Quality of Service used for synchronous messages 

a) Best Effort 
b) Exactly Once 
c) Exactly Once In Order 
d) All the Above

27. The IDOC metadata is cached at the Integration Server to

a) Improve performance 
b) Map data 
c) Receive the Idoc 
d) All the above

28. Which of the following is not a feature of Runtime Work Bench

a) Message Monitoring 
b) Alert Inbox 
c) Performance Monitoring 
d) Message Archiving

29. The data for end-to-end monitoring is received from

a) PMI (Process Monitoring Infrastructure) 
b) CCMS 
c) Message Monitoring 
d) Runtime

30. Cache monitoring displays representations from

a) CPA cache 
b) Value mapping table 
c) SLD cache 
d) All the above

31. The adapter framework supports

a) JCA 
b) EDI 
c) .NET Web services 

32. Which of the following are based on guaranteed delivery protocols 

a) EO 
b) BE 
c) EOIO 
d) sRFC

33. The configuration of an adapter is done in the

a) Integartion Repository 
b) Change Management Service 
c) Integration Directory 
d) All the Above

34. The adapter metadata and mappings are stored in the 

a) Integration Repository 
b) Metadata Engine 
c) Integration Directory 
d) Runtime Workbench

35. Which of the following is not a technical adapter 

a) File/FTP 
b) DB 
c) JMS 
d) XI

36. The authorized for CPA cache refresh is 

d) All the above

37. Which of the following configuration tool does not works in the online mode

a) J2EE Engine Administrator 
b) Configuration Tool 
c) Software Deployment Manager 
d) Configuration Editor

38. The user management is done using

a) Tcode - SU01 
b) Visual Administrator 
c) User Management Engine 
d) All the Above

39. The RFC communications can be secured using 

a) SNC
b) HTTP(S) 
c) RNIF 

40. The B2B standards supported by SAP XI are 

a) RNIF 
b) CIDX 
c) PIDX 
d) All the above

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  • 13 May 2008 6:52 pm

    Based on my 3 and half years experinece over SAP Netweaver, here with, I am providing the key for the above questions. May some of them are wrong. Experts please update the same.
    1) a,b,c,d
    2) c
    3) a,b,c
    4) a,b,c,d,e
    5) a
    6) a
    7) b
    8) a
    9) a
    10) a
    11) b
    12) a,b,c
    13) a
    14) c
    15) d
    16) a
    17) d
    18) b
    19) a,b,c,d
    20) b
    21) a
    22) b
    23) a
    24) a
    25) a
    26) a
    27) b
    28) b
    29) b
    30) a
    31) c
    32) b
    33) a, exclude last statement
    34) b
    35) a
    36) a
    37) a
    38) a
    39) a,b,c
    40) d
    41) a
    42) a
    43) a
    44) a
    45) a
    46) a,b
    47) a
    48) b,c
    49) a,c
    50) a
    51) a
    52) a
    53) c
    54) b
    55) b
    56) a
    57) a
    58) a,b
    59) b,c
    60) a,c
    61) a
    62) c
    63) a,b
    64) a,c
    65) b,c
    66) b
    67) a
    68) a
    69) b
    70) a
    71) d
    72) a
    73) b
    74) a
    75) a
    76) a
    77) a
    78) a
    79) a
    80) b
    81) a
    82) c
    83) a
    84) a,b
    85) a
    86) a
    87) a,b,c
    88) c
    89) a
    90) a,b,c
    91) b
    92) a
    93) b
    94) a
    95) d
    96) b
    97) b
    98) c
    99) a

  • 03 Dec 2008 7:59 am
    For first question answer will be a and b c,d are part of people inetrgation as the Netweaver Stack
  • 20 Dec 2008 6:48 pm
    answer of 1st question should be :a,b

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