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SAP XI (Exchange Infrastructure) Certification Fee and Course Duration in India

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SAP XI (Exchange Infrastructure) Certification Fee and Course Duration in India

The SAP XI is a part of NetWeaver group which facilitate in message exchange between two entities which might be working on same or different technologies. The course provides its audience hand full information with respect to how to configure scenarios which shall help them to configure and connect to SAP XI. It enables the user to develop the concepts of message mapping, gives overview of architecture and components of the SAP XI.

Contents covered are:

NetWeaver and XI Architecture, Proxy And Web Services, XI Runtime, Mapping Introduction, Message Mapping, Server Administration and PI adapters.

Prerequisite for the course

SAP XI course boosts its audience career by helping them to gain hands on experience and skills on integration of different vendors information. The course enables them to gain knowledge on information exchange between different enterprises using different technologies or same technologies.

The course is designed as SAP XI training and Advanced SAP XI training. The duration of the course varies from 5- 20 days and the fee varies from institutes to institutes which can range from 15K to 2 lacs.  The certification can be obtained by clearing an exam which costs approximately 25K to 30K.

The course is best suitable for candidates who have background from information technology domain. Thus any degree like BSC, BCA, MCA, B.Tech, M. Tech, MBA or other shall suffice. The only thing is that the candidate must have basic knowledge of information technology. He/she must be familiar with web services, business information, and basic computer networking concepts.

Project members or persons from software industry having experience in software development lifecyclecan also pursue this course which shall help them to move ahead towards bright future.Candidates having experience in ABAP, or java programming language are the best ones to go further for this course.

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