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SAPoffice - Sending to External Recipients

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SAPoffice - Sending to External Recipients

1. I am unable to send data from the R/3 system to an external recipient. Which settings can I check myself?

First check the user settings.

a) Assign the user the authorization for using the S_OC_SEND authorization object for external sending (see 552127). 552127).
b) The user requires the same type of sender address for external sending. This means that you must maintain an e-mail address or a fax number (transaction SU01 or SO12).

2. Does each user really require an internet address? Must all of these addresses be maintained manually?

Yes, each user needs a sender address to send data. If, however, you do not want to manually implement all of these addresses, you can name a default domain.
Enter the Internet domain for your company in transaction SCOT -> Settings -> Default domain. An address is generated for each user who did not maintain an Internet address (this is done using the user's name and the default domain).

3. Where do I find information about SAPconnect settings?

The SAP Help Portal contains all of the information that you require. This is available at:

Select your release and language. Then use the following search terms in the search function:
business communication

4. Which additional notes should I refer to?

You should read the following notes:

312690 SAPconnect: Collective Note

455127 E-mail (SMTP) in different SAP releases

099965 Internet Mail Gateway: Configuration (Version 4.x)

063480 R/3 and MS Exchange linking

455140 Configuration e-mail, fax, paging/SMS via SMTP

171698 SAPconnect: formats, conversion, device type

5. The send function used to work but it no longer works after a system upgrade to 6.10 (or higher).

Sending occurs from an application. As a result of changing the send method to BCS (Business Communication Services), you require an explicit COMMIT WORK after you call the send APIs. The necessary steps are described in 489286.

6. Which component is responsible for processing further problems?

The Business Communication Services belong to component BC-SRV-COM.