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Setup Development Environment for Hadoop

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Setup Development Environment for Hadoop

How to Setup Development Environment for Hadoop?

Basically setting up the development environment involves installing the eclipse software. You would be installing the eclipse on a single node pseudo cluster.

Please follow the steps below:

Click on System -> Administration -> Add/remove software

Search for eclipse in the bar. Select eclipse from the search results and click on apply this will begin the installation process. First, it would download all the required packages then it would install those packages.

The installation process will prompt you to install the following depended packages to continue installing the eclipse.

Type the password for root.

The installation process is completed successfully.

Select eclipse and click on run.

Since Eclipse is opening for the first time it would take some time. Alternatively, if you want to open eclipse, go to Applications -> programming -> eclipse.

Click on Ok.

That was a prompt for the workspace, You now have an eclipse ID up and running.