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SOA Interview Questions and Answers

Updated Oct 03, 2019

What is SOA testing?

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) testing is a style where the components interact over a network. This architecture is used for improving the processes and applications to fulfil the business requirements.

This framework makes it easier for software parts to communicate with each other over a network. Modifications to a particular component can be made without affecting the complete system.

What are the important principles of SOA?

The most important principles of SOA are:

  • Service architecture
  • Service composition architecture
  • Service inventory architecture
  • Service-oriented enterprise architecture

What is SOA record?

An SOA record is a point from where the domain is delegated from the parent domain.

What is BPEL in SOA?

BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) is a language that facilitates the exchange of data between the web services and also for their communication. The developers use BPEL to determine how business processes having web services will run.

Apart from managing the process execution, BPEL is also used for event management and exception handling. The BPEL processes describe the order in which the processes will be called.

What is ESB in SOA?

The software application within a service-oriented architecture communicates through a channel called ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). It is used to implement a different variant of the client-server architecture where any application using this system can be the client or the server.

ESB is based on a distributed computing architecture and allows high-level communications between different applications.

What is orchestration in SOA?

Orchestration in SOA is the management and coordination of different services within SOA. The system experts use the service orchestration feature to automate the business processes by grouping the enterprises and applications to combine them into a single unit.

The process is made possible through the exchanging of messages in the domain layer of applications. These messages have to be exchanged according to a predefined order or business logic.

What is OSB in SOA?

The OSB (Oracle Service Bus) is used for virtualizing, managing, and integrating the services in a shared architecture. It helps to manage the interactions between the applications and services.

They can be implemented through a lightweight service call. The services developed using the OSB can work as a proxy.

How to build a composite in SOA?

The steps to build a composite application in SOA are:

  • Open Oracle JDeveloper Studio
  • Make a new Composite application.
  • If this is the first application, choose SOA application from the Application Template. After accepting the package prefix defaults, click Next.
  • After JDeveloper adds the necessary libraries and the composite.xml file to the project, click on Next.
  • Hit Next.
  • Click on Empty Composite on the SOA Configure Settings page to create an empty composite application.
  • Select Save All from the File menu.

What is BAM in SOA?

The Oracle BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) is used for developing personalized dashboards and monitors the business processes in a firm. This software allows the users to monitor their business activity in real time through active dashboards that will be updated without the browser being refreshed.

There are tactical dashboards that allow the users to modify the parameters to gain different analysis results from the data without a database query.

What is a mediator in SOA?

The Oracle Mediator is an important component of the Oracle SOA architecture that is used for the following functionalities:

  • Routing the incoming data to the external service.
  • According to some filtering conditions, a specific service is called.
  • Validating the incoming XML payload XSD schema validation.
  • Transforming the data for the target destination through XSLT transformation.

How loose coupling is achieved in SOA?

Loose coupling in SOA is an approach where the service contract is not very rigid for the people obtaining the services.

As the service contract works as a medium through which the consumers interact with the services, service loose coupling allows more flexible service contracts for their benefit. Technological independence can be achieved through the approach that helps users to get more out of the service.

What are Adapters in SOA?

Adapters in SOA are used for reusing an existing component through a different interface. They help to make the existing data and functions available as services.

They can be developed whenever necessary. The Oracle SOA provides a variety of options to develop adapters. The different types of adapters are file adapter and database adapter.

What is Data source in SOA?

Data source in SOA is any source of data. A database can also act as a source of data that has to be configured for SOA.

For the Weblogic Server, the data source will act as a communication channel to the underlying data. Each data source has a pool of database connections that are developed during the server start-up.

What is the difference between SOA and OSB?

The differences between SOA and OSB are given below:

The entire flow of the database can be analyzed as it stores all the states. It does not store any states as it is a stateless store.
Takes more time for processing, as it is stateful. Takes less time for processing, as it is stateless.
Used for longer running processes. Used for synchronous scenarios.
Primarily used for managing Business Logic. Primarily used for routing data.
No pre-defined variables exist and have to be created. Pre-defined variables exist and custom ones can also be created.

What is an Endpoint in SOA?

Endpoints are communication modes through which documents are sent or received. These specify all the necessary details about the documents when they are exchanged like destination, transport protocol, configuration parameters etc.

The endpoint can be a path, folder or URL. It can be outbound or inbound based on the message’s direction.

What will happen if the update value in SOA record is decreased?  

Decreasing the Update value in SOA may cause an error.

What is dehydration in SOA?

The method of storing the current status of the BPEL processes in the tables is called dehydration. As the BPEL instances are long running processes, waiting for their responses can take up a lot of system memory. Dehydration helps in freeing up the server space and tackle processes better.

Dehydration occurs when the instance faces a breakpoint activity in the middle of a processes execution.