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Third-party Order Processing with Scheduling Agreements - 633503

02 Mar 2012 11:04 am || 0

In the standard system functions are missing.


The 'Third-party order processing with scheduling agreements' Automotive Consulting solution should be implemented.

1. Define Automotive Consulting Solution

The implementation of a function in (advance) that has been implemented already from an SAP Core/Automotive/Best Practices Release is an Automotive Consulting Solution


In any SAP Core/Automotive/Best Practices Release if the Development project solutions of SAP Automotive Consulting are not found, it is known as Automotive Consulting Solution

2. Automotive Consulting solution 'Third-party order processing with scheduling agreements'

Implement the third-party order processing process between an OEM supplier and a third-party vendor. From the viewpoint of the component supplier and third-party vendor this should be implemented with sales and purchasing scheduling agreements.

In the sales scheduling agreement of the component supplier the forecast/JIT delivery schedules received from the OEM are included. By means of forecast/JIT delivery schedules, they are transferred from the purchasing scheduling agreement of the component supplier to the third-party supplier. In the component supplier system with reference to the purchasing/sales scheduling agreement, the deliveries of the third-party supplier (shipping notifications) should be processed to the OEM. By means of a 'Monitor for third-party order processing', the monitoring and possible troubleshooting can occur. Based on the shipping notification of the third-party supplier in the component supplier system an invoice creation to the OEM occurs.

3. Implementation Information

Without implementing the entire solution in the project, it is possible to implement individual third-party processes or functions.
This does not require any modifications as this solution is an add-on.
In the Z namespace, the implementation takes place and on the relevant customer system, it can be remotely performed.

4. Scope of supply

In the delivery the Automotive Consulting Solution implementation as well as a user documentation provision and a technical documentation has been included.

Support: After the end of the implementation for six months the free corrections are received and thereafter support via consulting is also received.

5. Supply Source and more information

Mario Rebitzer (mario.rebitzer@sap. com)

An overview of all Automotive Consulting Solutions, a FAQ list and customer presentations are available at:

sap. com/germany/services/consulting/automotive/acs
sap. com/germany/campaigns/automotive-acs/index.htm