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Upgrading SBOP PC 10.x for NW System to NW 7.50.

Upgrading software components POASBC, CPMBC or HANABPC to NW 7.50 stack

Advantage of Upgradation:

Due to the relocation of two Software Components CPMBC and HANABPC to the Software Component SAP_BW with NW 7.50 objects dependency on Software Component POASBC have been removed in the coding.

To upgrade your System containing the software components HANABPC, POASBC or CPMBC to NW 7.50 stack.

Please keep the following points in mind:

It is always recommended to update to the latest NW 7.50 Support Package.

At least don't upgrade to NW 7.50 SP00 because the migration report UJT_MIGRATE_75_TO_101 is completed and delivered since SP04, and UJT_MIGRATE_100_TO_101 is completed and delivered since SP01. 

During the up gradation, it will ask how to handle the POASBC Add-On, currently the only one option you have is to keep this Software Component since the data migration still needs POASBC. If your POASBC version is 100_730 before the upgrade, then you should select the option to upgrade POASBC to version 100_731, and the latest Support Package is recommended.

BPC product does not use POASBC in NW 7.50 anymore therefore after system up gradation and data migration, if you think that now you are not dependent on POASBC you can delete it.

For target NW 7.50 SP01 or higher the NW SP Equivalence to NW 7.50 is valid: 2187353 - SP Equivalencefor update/upgrade to SAP NW 7.5 
SBOP PC 10.1: The equivalence to component CPMBPC/HANABPC 810 and NW 7.4 is given by the following rule: SP(CPMBPC810) = SP(NW 7.4) - 5 where NW stands software component for SAP_BASIS, SAP_ABA and SAP_BW