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CX_SY_MOVE_CAST_ERROR exception occurs on %_ONLAYOUT

vaibhav gupta || 07 Feb 2017 10:04 am || 1

Hello SAP Experts,

Exception CX_SY_MOVE_CAST_ERROR occurs in an '=>%_ONLAYOUT' method even though the user parameter WCF_IGNORE_ENHANCEMT is set to A. It occurs because the system tries to make a CAST operation between standard and customer class for a view.

In order to regenerate the issue please do the following:

  • First login to the business role like IC_AGENT.
  • Now go to the view, for example in my case click 'Inbox' menu from the navigation bar.
  • Please help me resolve this issue.


  • Sonia Barwar
    07 Feb 2017 3:36 pm Helpful Answer

    The issue you are facing is caused because the BSP application ICCMP_INBOX has been customized in an old way. This customization will not be ignored by the user parameter 'wcf_ignore_enhancement = A'.

    Therefore the information for the old enhancement is kept in database table BSP_APPLC and this information must be removed from the DB table.

    In order to remove this old enhancement information please do the following:

    • First, execute the T-code SE16 and display all the entry.
    • Now select all the entries which have to be deleted.
    • Now click menu 'Table Entry' ->'Delete All'.