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Difference between Rebate and Discount

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Difference between Rebate and Discount

Rebate vs Discount

  1. Rebate is a partial repayment, whereas a refund is a repayment of the total purchase price
    Discount is reduction in Price
  2. Discount means happens on a single purchase...when comes to rebate happens on only after some particular period of time.
    Rebates are retrospective in nature with a specific time frame or other conditions like Sales Volume, Sales Quantity attached to it.
  3. Rebate: an incentive to be given to a customer .clubbed with qty purchased by a customer within the period specified (say one month)-conditional.
    Discount: unconditional, to be given to a customer on account of heavy purchase by one single billing.-From the price List(Base price).
  4. Rebate is a discount which is settled ate the end of a period of a contract or an agreement.
    Discounts are normally given anytime.
  5. Rebate is basically Discount on turnover, means if you buy 3 shirts you will get discount of 20%, whereas if the no. of shirts has reduced the discount will get reduced.
    Discount doesn't depend upon the turnover, it is fixed.and can only differ from customer to customer.
  6. Rebate is a retroactive is given to a partial payment to particular scheduled time.(1yr or 3 Yr).
    Discount is given at a time to the customer.
  7. Rebate is given for the purchase of specified quantity or on the volume of the sales over a given period of time.
    Discount is given on every good purchased by the customer


  • 09 Feb 2012 8:39 pm
    The difference between Rebate and Discount is as follows,
    Rebate: Incentive to be given to a Customer clubbed with Quantity Purchased by a Customer within the Period Specified(Say One Month Conditional)
    Discount: Unconditional to be given to a Customer on Account of Heavy Purchase by One Single billing from the Price List(i.e., Base Price)
  • 15 May 2013 10:35 am
    Rebate is final discount that after deducting rent, promotion cost etc.. and discount is deduct amount from purchase cost. Exampl: total sale is 1000 $
    rent is 200 , promotion fee is 300 than remaining amount is 500 so deduct rebate from 500 as per contract %. but discount means deduct % from 1000.
    This is what i study from university.

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