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0BI_ALL user getting error message 'No Authorization'

vaibhav gupta || 10 Feb 2017 7:02 am || 2

Hello SAP Experts,

0BI_ALL-user getting an error message 'no authorization' which is not correct as the 0BI_ALL authorizes ALL the values.

The error can be re-generated by executing the BW query with a user who has been assigned for the analysis authorization 0BI_ALL.

Please help me resolve this error.


  • Sonia Barwar
    10 Feb 2017 12:34 pm Helpful Answer

    The analysis authorization 0BI_ALL contains all the authorization relevant info objects along with all the authorization value '*'  which authorizes all the values for all auth-relevent info objects. The authorizaion error which is caused because the system checks info objects which are not set authorization-relevant in transaction RSD1. The 0BI_ALL does not contain these info objects and therefore the authorization-check fails. 

    This error is mostly caused because of removing/activating the option 'Authorization Relevant' for the relevent info object in transaction RSD1 and the buffered runtime-object of the infoprovider which the BW-query is based on not getting updated. As the runtime-object of the infoprovider stills have the old information regarding the authorization-relevance of the info objects, non-authorized info objects are getting incorrectly checked in the authorization-check

  • 10 Feb 2017 12:36 pm Helpful Answer

    In order to resolve this please follow the steps below:

    1. First, please make sure that the SAP document 2199795 and 2104257 are either implemented or included in the SP-level of the BW-system. 
    2. Now please run the report RSR_MULTIPROV_CHECK for the relevant infoprovider the BW query is based on.
    3. If the SAP document 2032969 is implemented/included in the SP-level, there will be a check-box "Refresh DTA Buffer" executing the report. 

    Note: Please also check this option whereas in other cases, you can directly execute this report.