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What is Operational Data Store (ODS)?

Updated May 19, 2018

It is operational data store. ODS is a BW Architectural component that appears between PSA ( Persistant Staging Area ) and infocubes and that allows Bex ( Business Explorer ) reporting. It is not based on the star schema and is used primarily for details reporting, rather than for dimensional analysis. 

ODS objects do not aggregate data as infocubes do. Data are loaded into an IDS object by inserting new records, updating existing records, or deleting old records as specified by RECORDMODE value.

How much time does it take to extract 1 million of records from an infocube? 

Ans. This depends,if you have complex coding in update rules it will take longer time,orelse it will take less than 30 mins.

What are the four ASAP Methodologies? 


  • Project plan
  • Requirements gathering
  • Gap Analysis
  • Project Realization

How do you measure the size of infocube? 

Ans: In no of records

Difference between infocube and ODS? 

Ans: Infocube is structured as star schema(extended) where in a fact table is surrounded by different dim table which connects to sids. And the data wise, you will have aggregated data in the cubes.

ODS is a flat structure(flat table) with no star schema concept and which will have granular data(detailed level).

Difference between display attributes and navigational attributes? 

Ans: Display attribute is one which is used only for display purpose in the report. Where as navigational attribute is used for drilling down in the report. We don't need to maintain Nav attribute in the cube as a characteristic(that is the advantage) to drill down.


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    The loading of records into data targets depends on many parameters of performance and the complexcity of update rules and the record and monitoring methods and the length of the file to be loaded any aueries please feel free to mail me on