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Defining a Logical System

11 Dec 2007 4:32 am || 0


The purpose of this activity is to create a logical system for your systems. To enable communication between systems within your system landscape, you must

1. Define the systems as logical systems.

2. Assign the logical system to your client.

This enables the systems to recognize the target system as an RFC destination. If the logical system has already been created, skip this activity.

Logical systems are defined cross-client.


Carry out the following steps:

1. Access the transaction using:
Transaction Code SPRO
IMG Menu

SAP NetWeaver → Application Server →IDoc Interface / Application Link Enabling (ALE) → Basic Settings → Logical systems → Define Logical System

2. Choose New entries.

3. In the column Log System, enter a name for the logical system that you want to create.

4. In the column Name, enter a description of the logical system.
Log. System Name
<Logical system 2>, for example DS7CLNT723 Your System

To designate logical systems, apply the naming convention


where XXX is the system name

and NNN is the client.

5. Save your entries.

A transport request for Workbench appears.

6. Select an existing request or create a new request, if necessary.
A transport request for Customizing appears.

7. Select an existing request or create a new request, if necessary.