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SAP BO (Business Objects)

Definition or Meaning- What is SAP BO?

Full form or SAP BO stands for (Business Objects). SAP BO is an interface that uses business tools related to front end applications to customize, view and sort business objects in the most compatible form. It provides a secure way of accessing business intelligence on any device and is typically a reliable tool that analyzes the key metrics of business objects and related data trends. It is possible to share SAP Business Objects (BO) seamlessly and instantly with other devices, and this attribute is being leveraged by SAP consultants and managers globally.

In other words, SAP BO can be effectively incorporated with a corporate environment and allows specified users to access, customize, analyze and share data between themselves.

Scope and Opportunity of a Career in SAP BO

In the highly competitive SAP sector, more companies are now adapting result-oriented solid solutions for the expression of various business needs - especially with regards to the front end of an enterprise. A certification in any of the SAP BO courses mentioned above helps professionals utilize their skills in a better way.

Become a Certified SAP BO Consultant

SAP BO experts, with certifications showcasing their apt knowledge in the field of Business Objects are much in demand. The Application Associate level examines certain basic and fundamental formulas of SAP BO and covers all the functions, architecture and configuration in this field. Basically, it promotes the technical skills of SAP professionals in every facet of BO and accelerates their professional development. The exam lasts for 180 minutes and contains 60 questions in total. The paper comes in two languages only, English and Japanese.

Basic Qualifications for the SAP BO Course

The candidates aspiring for the above-mentioned courses in SAP Business Objects must possess adequate knowledge about the use of business objects and have prior knowledge in allied fields and some other SAP applications.

SAP Business Objects (BO) Courses

The list of courses for candidates aspiring towards furthering their knowledge in SAP Business Objects (BO) include:

  • Crystal reports: It consists of two types of courses, while one is based on Java-based applications the other is a simple traditional application composed of unstructured data woven into programmed reports. These courses allow aspirants to gain advanced knowledge with regards to analyzing and interpreting reports through more meaningful ways. After helping candidates understand the fundamentals of reports, these courses move on to explain the main operations that need to be processed in the SAP system.
  • Web Intelligence: This course helps professionals use business objects in the most efficient way to create web documents, by building a designated number of queries. In the advanced stage, more complex queries are taken into consideration and combined together to form a well-documented report.
  • Analysis: These modules streamline all the Analysis functions of the Design panel and teach how to combine multiple style/ layouts in one code of conduct.
  • Dashboards: Microsoft Excel functions are used for creating interactive visualizations and live data sources for making business operations swifter and easier to operate.
  • Design Studio: This course teaches aspirants to customize and access different functions of design applications linked with the SAP business objects platform, for desktop and mobile services alike.
  • Data services: Here, batch data is processed for helping interested candidates learn simplified processes of data logging. It also deals with the working of error logs and configures data changes adroitly.
  • Enterprise Administration: EA deals with the working of each part of the server linked with the security and administration system of diverse business objects. The flow of information from one part to another is taken into consideration in this module.


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