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SAP Consultant Salary and How to become SAP Consultant

To run a business properly, every organization needs workforce, materials, and finances in large numbers. Managing all these things, single-handedly becomes quite hectic for a single person and can lead to failure of the organization. Why not leave this work on the software and be free from everyday hassle. Here is where SAP comes into the picture. It helps the organization to manage end to end activities efficiently by providing a software solution. The various modules of SAP talk to each other and manage multiple operations of the company.

What is SAP Consultant?

An SAP consultant means a person who has expertise in running that different ERP software, which has been designed for the other kind of business needs. The role of a Sap consultant varies from business module to module. There are plenty of business modules, such as ABAP, HANA, and BASIS, etc. SAP consultants gain expert knowledge of these modules and help their clients or an organization run and maintain this software without hassle.

Types of SAP Consultant

As we have discussed above, there are various subject matters and modules on which an SAP consultant has the expertise, and by using his knowledge about the subject, he helps his client perform better at the business. Below are the subject matter which decides what type of an SAP consultant a person is.

1) Business/ sales consultant - They do not need to have much knowledge about the software. The original work of these types of consultants is to attract customers and tell them about the benefits of SAP implementation.

2) SAP functional consultant - Their initial work is more useful rather than attracting customers. They deal with customers by talking about their needs and requirements. Configuration of real-world scenarios into SAP software is their responsibility. Ex- sales organization configuration, countries configuration, etc..

3) SAP technical consultants/developer consultant - They customize SAP ABAP software as per the specification of customers. Developing new SAP business applications or enhancing SAP software, SAP professional consultants are responsible for this. Developer consultants are responsible for coding JAVA and ABAP programs.

4) SAP Basis consultants/ network administrator - Their focus is on network management and network-related SAP configurations like installations, server maintenance, or control of the network and user management.

Top Companies Paying Salary to SAP Consultants in India

Well, the salary is not defined and varies from factor to factor, such as experience and types of projects you have handled. It also depends on what module you choose.

Choosing a new module can surely help you get a hike in your salary. The average salary of a fresher varies from 3 to 4 lakhs per annum, but after gaining some experience, you can expect 7-10 lakhs on average.


Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India

Company Name Min SAL (YRL) MAX SAL (YRL) Average Base Salaries in (INR)
SAP India 900,000 2,100,000 ₹1350,000/yr
Congnizant 550,000 1,650,000 ₹750,000/yr
Wipro 275,000 950,000 ₹450,000/yr
Robert Bosch 645,000 1,500,000 ₹820,000/yr
Tata Consultancy Services 400,000 1,500,000 ₹640,500/yr
IBM 400,000 1,500,000 ₹670400/yr
Deloitte 650,000 1,350,000 ₹1000,000/yr
Accenture 300,000 1,260,000 ₹600,000/yr
Infosys 400,000 1,250,000 ₹820,000/yr
Capgemini 300,000 1,250,000 ₹580,100/yr
EY 250,000 1,200,000 ₹490500/yr
HCL Technologies 465,000 920,000 ₹750,000/yr
MSG Global Solutions 200,000 850,000 ₹550,000/yr
JKT 300,000 750,000 ₹425,000/yr
Tech Mahindra 250,000 750,000 ₹435,000/yr
NTT DATA 450,000 690,000 ₹480,000/yr
Yash Technologies 450,000 750,000 ₹520,000/yr
Atos 330,000 1,200,000 ₹600,000/yr
Bristlecone 400,000 850,000 ₹520,000/yr
LTI 465,000 1,200,000 ₹750,000/yr

Top Trending SAP Modules


How to become SAP Consultant?

There are many ways an aspirant can enter the mesmerizing world of SAP. Below are some of the most common means by which one can become an SAP consultant.

  • Get certified- Choose an SAP module and get certification from an authorized SAP training partner.
  • Join a consultancy company- After obtaining proper domain knowledge, joining a consultancy company can be a good option.
  • Join as a trainee- you can join as a trainee into a company which has SAP implemented and learn their work.

SAP Consultant Responsibilities

  • Functional - responsible for driving business meetings, preparing business case documents, and communicating client requirements to the technical consultants.
  • Technical responsibilities- responsible for translating those documents into technical documents and write code to implement business needs.

Tips for SAP Consultant


Know SAP Trends and Tools:

SAP knowledge is a continuing process for staying up-to-date on SAP programs and applications. SAP tools are consistently being introduced. Consultants ought to understand and know how these changes impact ETL, data interface implementation like SAP, SAP BW, Business Objects tools, OLAP and Reporting including Business Objects, ERP Data Warehouses, and Data Warehouse and Metadata Management.

SAP Industry Knowledge:

SAP industries are a changing competitive environment that requires the consultants to keep up-to-date with the latest industry news and trends. Understanding trends enable consultants to make better decisions, spotting threats, and opportunity and provides them a competitive edge. Those consultants who keep up-to-date with the latest trends build expertise and earn the respect and trust of clients, which is an added advantage.

Build Your Network:

For achieving success in the corporate world, it is essential to have a strong network within the industry. Building a system is not only crucial for gaining popularity and reference; however, it also helps in enhancing the knowledge and staying updated with the actual production. One of the best ways of connecting with other SAP experts is via social networking sites and discussion forums. Practical knowledge always adds more value than the theoretical aspect.

Stay Updated and be Dynamic:

Knowledge is a constantly moving and changing process. Only having your credentials correct is not the ultimate achievement in the rapidly evolving field of IT. One must continuously stay updated for knowing the latest developments in the world of SAP. If one is unaware of the events in SAP applications and programs, then he may not be in sync with the latest changes. One can join an SAP professional forum or group and subscribe to the various SAP portals and get to know all about the latest happenings and SAP updates.

Strong Communication Skills:

Strong communication skills are a very critical component of success. For SAP BI, BW, or BO Consultants, verbal communication skills are more important than listening skills. Strong oral and written communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team are fundamental.