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Use of Catalog Profile in SAP PM

Hello Experts,

What is the use of catalog profile in SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) and how to create that?

Thanks in advance.


  • 19 Sep 2013 7:02 am Guest Helpful Answer

    Catalog profile is combination of catalog groups such as object parts, damage, cause, activities, tasks, etc.

    Catalog profile helps you to perform Root Cause Analysis in maintenance notifications. Once codes are set, you can then run PMIS reports also to perform damage analysis. You just need to activate a user exit, which will allow you to pick these catalog codes.

    For e.g, you can do analysis, how many machines have failed due to damage 'Broken'.

  • 07 Jun 2015 8:22 pm Guest Helpful Answer

    Catalog profiles help you to capture technical history of the equipment thru notification & perform analysis. It can be created using tcode OQN6 or thru Spro (IMG)


    Pragnesh Patel