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PM (Plant Maintenance) Interview Questions

SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) FAQs

In the Plant Maintenance Info Structures, is it possible to modify the update mode?

Listed below are the steps for modifying the update mode in the Plant Maintenance Info Structures:

  • User Runs the transaction OMOS
  • Positions cursor on the relevant info-structure name
  • User Presses F2 or the menu option 'Edit - Parameters'
  • Selects the new update mode
  • Presses 'enter' or selects the green check
  • User acknowledges the popup thus confirming the change

How can a user find "commit work" statement in the PM orders (T-code IW32)?

The following steps can be done for finding the “commit work” statement in the PM order:

  • User goes to IW32 and fills the order number
  • Presses /h (enter into debug mode) in the command field:
  • Creates a breakpoint at statement:
  • User fills in 'commit work' at the field ‘Breakpoint at statement’:
  • Presses the 'F8' button for continuing

How can the user delete historical maintenance/service orders in the Plant Maintenance?

Using transaction IW38, users can delete the historical orders successfully.

How can a user differentiate simply between an equipment which has been charged and not charged for a service?

A user defines the various equipment categories. The standard equipment reference groups for 'Internal Machines' and 'Customer Equipment' exist.

Define equipment/material loaned/leased to a customer?

Please refer to the documentation on 'Structuring Technical Systems' in 'Plant Maintenance / Service management' modules. User would be required to define the sales area (sales org/dist channel/division) for an equipment with an equipment category being the one for which the equipment reference has been categorized as 'Customer Equipment'.

Can we block service to a customer? This has been done through the FL, as most of the Equipment belongs to the company and has been loaned to the customer.
By Deactivating the FL. This does not permit any further creation of the transaction data (service orders, etc.). However, the orders which are already existing can be processed as well as closed. Later, the deactivation can be reversed.

Where is a Service Contract allocated to a portion of an equipment?

The service contract is typically allocated to a material. The material is allocated to the equipment in the equipment master. This functionality is not meant for managing the equipment which has been bought from the vendors (where the user gets the service instead of providing the service).

Does the purchasing information (date of purchase, vendor etc.) copied from MM to the equipment on creation?

The purchasing information is not copied in the standard system. However, this can be done with the help of the ABAP batch jobs.

When the user maintains an assembly in a piece of equipment, can we derive the maintenance history of the assembly? Does the user have to create it as a piece of equipment?

As we know that the maintenance orders can be created only for FL/equipment only therefore maintenance history can be tracked by us only at specific level it cannot be tracked at assembly level. Assemblies are only structuring devices having spare parts linked to any equipment in an extremely organized manner. However, in PM orders, the assembly can be listed along with the FL/Eq. All varying on the user’s reporting needs, an ABAPer could utilize the 'PM Assembly' field in the PM orders.

Define the usage of the field 'Standing order'? Explain the kind of order?

Standing orders are utilized for performing the on-going maintenance jobs and settling them during month-end instead of creating a fresh PM order every time. By utilizing the order hierarchies, the user can attach the sub-orders to the standing order and then settle them to the standing order for providing oneself with a more accurate recording of maintenance costs at the sub-order level and a budget monitoring at the standing order level.

Can the user collect the maintenance history for an assembly (not a part of an equipment) for which there is no equipment record?

The user cannot collect the maintenance history for an assembly, however, if the assembly is encompassed in an FL BOM, then the PM orders at the FL can be utilized for performing the maintenance at an assembly level (no equipment is required in that case).

How are cost calculated in plant maintenance?

Go to cost centre to view your planned and actual costs of labour and materials or it can be also seen in work centre.