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SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) Transaction Codes

Updated May 18, 2018

Transaction Code   Description 

IW13                          Material Where Used List 

IW22                          Change Notification 

IW23                          Display Notification 

IW24                          Create Notification 

IW25                          Create Notification

IW26                          Create Notification 

IW28                          Notification List Editing - Change 

IW29                          Notification List Editing - Display 

IW30                          Notification List Editing - Display Multi Level

IW31                          Create Plant Maintenance Order

IW32                          Change Plant Maintenance Order

IW33                          Display Plant Maintenance Order

IW34                          Create Notification Order 

IW38                          Work Order List Editing - Change 

IW39                          Work Order List Editing - Display 

IW40                          Work Order List Editing - Display Multi Level 

IW41                         Time Confirmation - Indvidual Entry

IW42                          Overall Completion Confirmation 

IW44                         Time Confirmation - Collective Entry no Selection

IW48                          Time Confirmation - Collective Entry with Selection

IW51                          Create Service Notification

IW52                          Change Service Notification

IW53                          Display Service Notification

IW54                         Create Service Notification :Problem notification

IW55                         Create Service Notification :Activity Request

IW56                         Create Service Notification :Service Request

IW57                         Assign deletion Flag to Completed Service Notifications

IW58                         Change Service Notifications: Selection of Notification

IW59                         Display Service Notifications: Selection of Notification

IW64                        Change Notification List of Activities 

IW65                         Display Notification List of Activities

IW66                         Change Notification List of Tasks 

IW67                         Display Notification List of Tasks 

IW68                        Change Notification List of Items 

IW69                         Display Notification List of Items

IA07                           Display General Task List 

IA03                           Display Equipment Task List 

IA13                           Display Functional Location Task List 

IR03                          Display Work Centre 

KO88                        Settle Order (Single) 

ME21                       Create Purchase Order (pre R4.6) 

ME21N                    Create Purchase Order (R4.6 onwards) 

IP41                         Create Single Cycle Plan (R4 onwards) 

IE02                         Change Equipment 

IE01                         Create Equipment 

IE03                         Display Equipment

IE05                         Equipment List Editing - Change 

IE08                         Equipment List Editing - Display 

QS42                      Display Catalog 

ML81                      Create Service Entry Sheet 

MM03                      Display Material 

CS03                      Display Material BOM 

IH01                        Display Functional Location Structure 

MB11                      Goods Movement 

MB31                      Goods Receipt 

IW8W                      Goods Receipt for Refurbishment (R4 onwards) 

IP02                        Change Maintenance Plan

IP03                        Display Maintenance Plan 

IP10                        Schedule Maintenance Plan 

IP30                        Deadline Monitoring 

IP11                        Change Maintenance Strategy 

IP12                        Display Maintenance Strategy 

IP19                        Maintenance Scheduling Overview Graphic 

IP24                        Maintenance Scheduling Overview List 

IQ03                        Display Serial Numbers 

IP42                       Create Strategy Maintenance Plan (from R4 onwards) 

IL02                       Change Functional Location 

IL01                       Create Functional Location 

IL03                       Display Functional Location 

IL05                       Functional Location List Editing - Change 

IL06                       Functional Location List Editing - Display 

IA11                       Create Functional LocationTask Lists 

IA12                       Change Functional Location Task List 

IL02                        Change Functional Location 

IA05                        Create General Task List 

IA06                        Change General Task List 

IA01                        Create Equpment Task List 

IA02                        Change Equipment Task List 

IE03                        Display Equipment

IR01                       Create Work Centre 

IR02                       Change Work Centre 

CA85                      Replace Work Centre 

IP13                       Strategy Package Sequence 

IP14                       Strategy Package Sequence 

IP04                       Create Maintenance Item 

IP05                      Change Maintenance Item 

IP06                      Display Maintenance Item 

IP17                      Maintenance Item List Editing - Change 

IP18                     Maintenance Item List Editing - Display 

IP02                     Change Maintenance Plan 

IP03                     Display Maintenance Plan 

IP15                    Maintenance Plan List Editing - Change 

IP16                    Maintenance Plan List Editing - Display 

IK11                    Create Measurement Documents 

IK12                   Change Measurement Documents 

IK13                   Display Measurement Documents 

IK22                   Measurement Documents List Editing - Create 

IK21                   Measurement Documents List Editing - Create 

IK22                   Measurement Documents List Editing - Create

IK18                   Measurement Documents List Editing - Change 

IK17                   Measurement Documents List Editing - Display 

IK41                   Measurement Documents List Editing - Display Archive 

IQ01                  Create Serial Numbers 

IQ02                  Change Serial numbers 

IQ04                   Serial Numbers List Editing - Create 

IQ08                   Serial Numbers List Editing - Change 

IQ09                   Serial Numbers List Editing - Display 

IK01                   Create Measurment Point 

IK02                   Change Measurement Point 

Ik03                   Display Measurement Point 

IK08                  Measurement Point List Editing - Change 

Ik07                   Measurement Point List Editing - Display


  • 19 Nov 2011 8:37 am Ronel du Toit

    On CS01> What does sortstrng mean, where do you link it?
  • 04 Apr 2012 12:25 pm Shiv Kumar Tripathi
    how can we creates the maintenance order?
  • 07 May 2012 7:26 am Ranjit Ku Mahakud
    what is the transaction code for attaching a Drawing Ex: (Attaching a Conveyor belt Specification)
  • 28 Jun 2012 5:11 pm Kate
    Does anyone have a list of hot buttons that can be used in SAP (specifically PM). As an example I am looking for things like "*" is a wild card that can be used in search, another example is "+" can replace an unknow character.