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Class and Characteristics table

Updated May 18, 2018

Problem: I have made a class of class type 002(equipment class) and have attached 2 characteristics who are indivudually having muliple values. I am now in a problem to find out the table relations where I can find the class-ch. values against each equipment.


Try table KSML. you should find the characteristics of the classes. 

Table AUSP contains the values for a charcteristic for an object. There are a couple of others that you may need depending on the type of query you are creating. 

KLAH Class Header Data 

KLAT Classes: Long texts 

KSML Characteristics of a Class 

KSSK Allocation Table: Object to Class 

CABN Characteristic 

CABNT Characteristic Descriptions 

CABNZ Links between Table Fields and Characteristics 

CAWN Characteristic values


  • 23 Dec 2012 9:06 pm Guest
    what is the importance of class and characteristics in SAP Plant Maintanence ???