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Check current heap size for Hybris

Updated May 18, 2018

How to check current heap size for Hybris?


There are multiple methods to check the current heap size for Java Application, Here in this tutorial we will explain how to check heap size for java application using Jconsole:

JConsole Graphical User Interface is a monitoring tool which complies with the Java Management Extensions (JMX) specification. In order to provide information about the performance and resource consumption of running Java applications, the JConsole uses the extensive instrumentation of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). 

We can find the Jconsole executable in JDK_HOME/bin, where JDK_HOME is the directory inside which the Java Development Kit (JDK) is installed.  The user can start JConsole simply typing Jconsole in a command (shell) prompt if the JDK_HOME directory is present in his/her system. Otherwise, they have to type the full path to the executable file.

Now after the Jconsole UI gets started we just need to select the process of Hybris and then click connect:

Now we will be able to see the current max heap memory as marked in the image below: