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Hybris (SAP E-Commerce Software) Interview Questions

Here is a list of top and latest SAP Hybris Interview Questions asked in Top MNC Companies. So follow them and be prepare to crack the interview to grab a highly paid job in SAP Hybris which is one of the rising module:

SAP Hybris FAQ's

1. What you have done on Hybris in your project.

2. Have work on any integration of hybris to any other ERP or third party .

3. What is workflow in Hybris.

4. Suppose you need to create a own store(website) then what will your steps.

5. How to handle if you have to create a store by extending a hybris default base store then what common functionality will be in both.

6. Do you know what is Hybris Solr.

7. How to handle if you are creating a product and you have to need a media file associated with product then how you can do it.

8. Explain the FlexibleSearch and its usage? How is it related to SQL?

9. What is a Hybris Cockpit Frameowrk and hMC?

10. What is a workflow in Hybris?

11. Explain a high level steps to integrate a search engine (Solr, Endeca, GCS etc) with Hybris.

12. How to configure a cronjob in SAP Hybris?

13. Explain How to Run the Hybris in cluster mode?

14. Explain Hybris Caching mechanism in persistent layer?

15. What do you know about Hybris data Model?

16. Explain the Hybris Data Model?

17. What is Extension and how to create extension?

18. How to customize ANT EXTGEN and where need to change it?

19. What is ANT Command to generated your own website.

20. What are Dynamic attributes and their handler.

21. Difference between Hybris version 5 to earlier version .

22. Do you know about items.xml like their syntax generate="true" jaloclass="com.everyreply"> A Bus optional="false"/>

23. Do you know Collection type vs. Relation Type in Hybris?

24. How to configure Hybris for Cluster Mode?

25. Why extension one should opt to customize home page in SAP Hybris?

26. Why models class generated in platform extensions in Hybris?

27. How to check Standalone or Embedded Solr is being used in Hybris Multi Channel Suite?

28. How to Setup Standalone Solr Server in SAP Hybris?

29. How to know the requirement of a private package in YaaS Builder in Hybris?

30. What is Punchout in SAP Hybris?