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CIPS/CSCP/CPSM--Which One for Australian Market?

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CIPS/CSCP/CPSM--Which One for Australian Market?

Hi everyone, 

I am an Indian professional with Engineering and MBA background with over 8years of work experience in Procurement,e-sourcing and related areas.My wife & I,are thinking of shifting base to Australia,mainly for job prospect and settling down. 

I would like to know about the prospect of getting a job in Procurement/e-Sourcing or related areas,in the Australian market. As I don't have any degree or prior study/work related experience in Australia,can that be a deterrent in getting a job initially? In that case,can you suggest me any online certification course (which is given good value in Aus market)? Based on my initial research,I have come across certifications by CIPS,CPSM,CSCP etc. 

Please guide me about the certification which will be the most relevant in case of Australian market and also take lesser time & money to complete... 

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